Ithaca is a small city in Upstate New York that lies on the southern shore of Cayuga Lake. The cities economy is based on tourism and education, and is home to both Cornell University, and Ithaca College which collectively holds over 26,000 students.

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Bradfield Hall13built1968(1)
Titus Tower I15built(1)
Ithaca College - West Tower15built1965(1)
Ithaca College - East Tower15built1965(1)
Seneca Place on the Commons9built2005(1)
Holiday Inn Ithaca10built(1)
Breckenridge Place6built2013(1)
Statler Hotel at Cornell10built1986(1)
Jameson Hall10built1970
High-Rise 510built1969
Herbert F. Johnson Museum10built1973(1)
Veterinary Research Tower9built1974(1)
Bank of America Building7built(1)
Collegetown Plaza6built1989(1)