Split is a town/grad on a small peninsula on the Adriatic Sea. It is the largest city and administrative capital of Split-Dalmatia County. The town consists of 8 settlements.

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Karamanova 421built1972(1)
Krležina 10-2617built1979(1)
Karamanova 819built1972(1)
Šibenska 318built
Moliških Hrvata 2518built
Moliških Hrvata 2318built
Dobrilina 118built
Karamanova 616built1979(1)
Varaždinska 5117built
Pojišanska 2517built
Mosećka 5617built1978
Mosećka 5417built1978
Doverska 517built
Kaštelanska 816built1968
Kaštelanska 616built1968
Kaštelanska 216built1969
Jobova 316built
Jobova 116built
Šibenska 915built
Marjan Hotel14built1979(1)
Sukoišanska 2114built
Sukoišanska 1914built
Starčevićeva 3214built
Starčevićeva 2514built
Starčevićeva 2114built
Put Glavičina 214built
Papandopulova 5-1114built1978
Papandopulova 25-2914built
Papandopulova 13-2314built1978
Papandopulova 1-314built1976
Dalmatia Tower27under construction
Westgate Split Tower [1]13built2017