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Landmark Place43built1974(4)
Stelco Tower25built1973(3)
The Olympia Apartments33built1976(3)
Ellen Fairclough Building20built1981(2)
BDC Building22built1972(2)
Regency on Main East25built2016(1)
The Villager25built(2)
The Martinique25built1984(2)
Bay 20025built1975(2)
Queen's Terrace25built1974(1)
Commerce Place West16built1990(2)
Commerce Place East16built1987(2)
Tower B Apartments23built(1)
Sheraton Hotel18built1985(2)
First Place25built1976(2)
75 Queen North22built(1)
Tower A Apartments22built(1)
One-Eighty Bold22built(1)
Harbour Tower22built(1)
Oakland Square Apartments West21built(1)
Oakland Square Apartments East21built(1)
Chateau Royale14built(1)
Bently Place21built1991(1)
The Arkledun20built(1)
El Duque20built(1)
Oxford Heights20built(1)
St. John Place21built1977(1)
El Mirador21built(1)
Vanier Towers East20built(1)
First City Trust Building15built1974(4)
Renaissance Towers20built(1)
Pigott Building18built1929(1)
William Thomas Residence21built2018
Capital Terrace20built(1)
The Shoreliner18built(1)
The Concord18built(1)
The Bayliner18built(1)
Melvin Apartments18built(1)
Standard Life Building13built(1)
Marina Tower19built(1)
Wellington Place18built(1)
Parkview Village18built(1)
Vittoria Apartments18built(1)
The Empire18built(1)
Queen Elizabeth Tower18built(1)
Pannonia Tower18built(2)
Haldimand Apartments18built(1)
Ken Soble Towers17built(1)
Terminal Towers14built1966(1)
The Residences on Augusta13built(1)
St. Josephs Hospital13built2004(1)
Plaza 2117built(1)
Fontaine Bleu17built(1)
Bay 10015built(1)
Villa Maria III16built(1)
The Village Hill16built(1)
The Bayview16built(1)
Robinson Place Apartments16built(1)
Kensington Apartments16built1966(1)
Blink Bonnie15built(1)
Royal Towers15built(1)
Vanier Towers West15built(1)
The Prestige15built(1)
Silvana Manor16built(1)
Rebecca Towers16built
Greenhill Place16built
Bell Manor Apartments16built
Bel-Gal Estates III16built
Bel-Gal Estates II16built
Bel-Gal Estates I16built
30 Sanford Avenue South16built
Homewood Suites by Hilton Hamilton15built2013(1)
Natalina Place14built(1)
Govenors Estates14built(1)
Villa Maria IV15built(1)
Glen Terrace Apartments East14built(2)
Villa Maria II14built(1)
220 Cannon East12built2017
Union Gas Building10built
Hong Kong Bank Building10built(1)
Violet Tower15built(1)
Delmonico Apartments15built
Beverly Hills15built
Villa Maria I13built(1)
Glen Terrace Apartments West14built(1)
Sun Life Building13built
Savaria Tower13built(2)
Regency on Main West11built2016
The Durand Condominium14built
Supreme Apartments14built
Spring Garden Apartments14built
Seventeen Robinson14built
The Marketeer13built
Anthony Court13built
Crowne Plaza Hotel12built1966
Tower East II13built
The Monterey13built(1)
The Colosseum13built
Strathcona Gardens13built
South Wick Place13built
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