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Royal Place13built
Chedoke Apartments13built
Royal Connaught Hotel Annex12built1931(1)
Royal Connaught Hotel12built1916(1)
City Square11built2013
West Park Tower12built
Wellington Square12built
Tower East I12built
Sussex Court12built
Market Street Apartments12built
Main Well Apartments12built
Letorre Apartments12built
Le Palais12built
Forest Glen III12built
Forest Glen II12built
Forest Glen I12built
Camelot Towers West12built
Camelot Towers East12built
288 Mount Albion12built
150 Hughson South12built
The Terraces on King11built2008
The Madison11built2008
The Brockton11built
Rita Court Apartments11built
Meadowbrook Apartments11built
Main Place 200011built
Jackson Villa11built
Helvetia Apartments11built
Harris Towers West11built
Harris Towers East11built
Eden Roc Apartments11built
City Square 211built2015
Citadel Manor11built
Berkshire Apartments11built
Aynsley Apartments11built
2130 King East11built
1950 Main West11built
Westmount Towers10built
Wedgewood Apartments10built
The Pleasant10built
Swansea Apartments10built
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Estates West10built
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Estates East10built
Scenic Apartments10built
Savoy Apartments10built
Mayfair Towers10built
King William Court10built
Kilkenny Castle10built
Glenburn Apartments10built
Glamis Castle10built
Gardenview Apartments10built
Eastgate Towers10built
Congress West10built
Congress East10built
Comfort Apartments10built
Arcadia Court10built
Arbour Place Apartments10built
Almar Apartments10built
49 Robinson10built
226 Rebecca10built
Hamilton City Hall8built1960(1)
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