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Singer Citycancelled
Cascade Development Tower 175cancelled
Alberta Plaza 7575cancelled(1)
McIntyre Buildingcancelled(1)
First Canadian Centre 264cancelled(4)
Bay Park Plaza IIcancelled(1)
Bay Park Plaza Icancelled(1)
Eau Claire Tower60cancelled
First Canadian Centre 245cancelled
Park Centre II50cancelled
Park Centre50cancelled
Penny Lane East47cancelled(2)
Stephen Square52cancelled
Penny Lane West37cancelled(2)
Park Gallery49cancelled
Odessa Twin Towers West46cancelled
Barclay Place41cancelled
Duff Building45cancelled(1)
Arriva III44cancelled(1)
Arriva 4244cancelled(1)
City Centre Hotel47cancelled(1)
3 Eau Claire50cancelled(1)
300 - 6th Avenue SW42cancelled
City Centre II38cancelled
Kahanoff Block I40cancelled(1)
ATCO Tower37cancelled
Odessa Twin Towers East35cancelled
Hotel Arts Tower40cancelled
Army & Navy Site31cancelled
Olympic Centre 132cancelled
Astoria on Tenth34cancelled(1)
Palliser West26cancelled(1)
Palliser Square 226cancelled(1)
Kahanoff Block II29cancelled(1)
Orchard on Twelfth Tower [2]30cancelled(2)
Orchard on Twelfth Tower [1]30cancelled(2)
Midtown II30cancelled(1)
Curtis Block [1]28cancelled
Genco 608 Tower16cancelled(1)
Midtown I26cancelled(1)
Curtis Block [2]24cancelled
Kahanoff Block Office19cancelled(1)
5 Bow Valley Square17cancelled
999 Building17cancelled(1)
Place 10 West14cancelled(1)
Marriott Renaissance ClubSportcancelled(1)
Genco 1108 Tower13cancelled(2)
The Grand Royal18cancelled
The Grand Haras17cancelled
M-Tech Residentialcancelled
The XII13cancelled(1)
Kai Towers - Oslo32cancelled
Stampede Station19cancelled(1)
Manchester Station13cancelled
West ArriVa10cancelled
Alberta Boots I52cancelled
Cascade Development Tower 250cancelled
Victoria Square I42cancelled
Victoria Square II41cancelled
Morguard Office Building40cancelled
Alberta Boots II39cancelled
Olympic Centre 238cancelled
Victoria Square III36cancelled
Victoria Square IV34cancelled
Greyhound Centre I30cancelled
Cascade Development Tower 330cancelled
Victoria Square V28cancelled
Kai Towers - Copenhagen28cancelled
Olympic Centre 326cancelled
Congress Developments Office Building22cancelled
Congress Resources Office Building21cancelled
Greyhound Centre III20cancelled
Greyhound Centre II20cancelled
Olympic Centre 419cancelled
Norlin Place19cancelled
Morguard Tower18cancelled
City Centre16cancelled
Southland Centrecancelled
Commerce Placecancelled
Canlea Placecancelled
Calgary Commercial Complexcancelled
Bosa Tower 2cancelled
Bosa Tower 1cancelled