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Brookfield Place East56built2017(4)
The Bow58built2012(5)
Suncor Energy Centre53built1984(5)
Eighth Avenue Place I49built2011(2)
Bankers Hall West Tower52built2000(5)
Bankers Hall East Tower52built1989(4)
Centennial Place I39built2010(2)
Eighth Avenue Place II41built2014(2)
Canterra Tower45built1988(3)
TransCanada Tower38built2001(3)
Jamieson Place38built2010(2)
First Canadian Centre West Tower41built1983(5)
Western Canadian Place North41built1983(3)
TD Canada Trust Tower40built1991(3)
City Centre Office34built2016(3)
Scotia Centre42built1976(1)
Nexen Building37built1982(3)
The Guardian South44built2016(2)
The Guardian North44built2016(2)
Two Bow Valley Square39built1974(3)
Dome Tower30built1977(3)
Fifth & Fifth Building35built1980(4)
Shell Centre33built1977(3)
Home Oil Tower29built1977(2)
Four Bow Valley Square37built1982(2)
Fifth Avenue Place West35built1981(2)
Fifth Avenue Place East35built1981(2)
Suncor Energy Centre II33built1984(3)
Calgary Courts Centre24built2007(2)
Arriva 3434built2007(1)
Western Canadian Place South32built1983(2)
Altius Centre32built1973(4)
Vogue Condominiums36built2017(1)
EnCana Place31built1982(2)
Hewlett Packard Tower33built1975(4)
Stock Exchange Building31built1979(1)
707 Fifth27built2017(1)
Five West East Tower28built2008(1)
Amoco Centre30built1988(1)
Versus West34built2016(1)
Eau Claire Tower25built2016(1)
Centennial Place II23built2010(2)
Westview Heights40built1974(1)
Three Bow Valley Square33built1979(2)
Monenco Place28built1982(3)
Sun Life Plaza West28built1982(2)
Sun Life Plaza North28built1982(2)
Sun Life Plaza East28built1984(2)
Telus Tower30built1980(2)
One Calgary Place30built1968(3)
Park Point South35built2018(1)
Mark on Tenth34built2016(1)
Evolution - Pulse33built2016(1)
Encor Place29built1988(2)
One Palliser Square27built1970(2)
6th & Tenth31built2017(1)
Royal Bank Building26built1968(3)
Calgary Place Apartments West37built1970(1)
Calgary Place Apartments East36built1970(1)
Hanover Place26built1982(1)
Canadian Occidental Tower25built1983(2)
WaterMark Tower27built1983(2)
555 4th Avenue22built1979(2)
Five West West Tower26built2006
Mount Royal House32built(2)
Keynote Residential II29built2013(1)
520 5th Avenue26built1982(2)
Standard Life Centre25built(3)
International Hotel36built1969(2)
ChevronTexaco Plaza25built1981(1)
Palliser South18built2009(1)
Ernst & Young Tower23built2000(2)
Delta Bow Valley25built1980(2)
Garden Towers33built1970(1)
Bromley Square Apartments31built1980(1)
Trimac House22built1983(2)
The McLeod27built2004(1)
First Alberta Place23built1981(2)
Chateau Apartments30built(1)
Two Calgary Place22built1968(3)
Alberta Government Telephones Buildingbuilt(1)
Penn West Plaza West20built2010
Keynote Residential I25built2010(1)
Rocky Mountain Court29built1980(1)
Bantrel Tower22built1968(1)
444 5th Avenue22built1972(1)
Ford Tower20built1976(3)
Livingston Place West22built2007(1)
Livingston Place South22built2007(1)
Union Square I27built2009(1)
Vantage Pointe26built2006(1)
Tarjan Pointe20built2005
The Pinnacle North27built1981
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