Seattle is best known for its Space Needle, which was built in the 1962 worlds fair. Known for its lush and vibrant landscape, Seattle is also called the Emerald City. Seattle holds the position as biggest city in the Northwest.

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Imperial House 52012built1971(1)
Frye Apartments11built1911(1)
Joseph Arnold Lofts13built2013
Hill7 Office Building11built2015
625 Union Station9built(1)
Marlborough House13built1927(1)
Summit at First Hill13built2001
Harborview Hall10built1930(1)
Thompson Seattle11built2016
Security House14built1972(1)
Market Place North14built1982
The Decatur13built1940
The Seaboard11built1910(1)
Lowman Building10built1907(2)
Rollin Street Flats11built2008
Seattle Hotel11built1910(1)
The Gray Cary Building10built2002(1)
1300 University11built1980
98 Union Condominiums13built1985
Visio Corporation Building11built1999(1)
Terminal Sales Building11built1925(1)
West Lake Union Center10built1994
Mosler Lofts12built2007
7th and Madison9built2009
The Vine North12built2002
Klee Lofts12built2001(1)
Arctic Building9built1917(1)
Greenlake Plaza12built1969
Bay View Tower13built(1)
The Paramount Seattle12built1996
Campion Hall12built
Avenue One12built2004
1223 Spring Street12built1929
Metropolitan Park North11built2001
Lloyd Building10built1928
AGC Building10built1971(1)
Waterfront Place12built1984
Hotel Monaco12built1960
Ellington Condominiums12built2001
505 Union Station11built2000
Joshua Green Building10built1910(1)
Physics/Astronomy Building9built1994
Wilsonian Apartments8built1923(1)
Azur @ 220012built2006
Ross Manor12built
International Terrace12built
McMahon Hall11built
Camlin Hotel11built1926(1)
Skinner Building8built1926
Sixth and Pine Building10built1928(1)
Logan Building10built1959(1)
Hotel Andra10built1925(1)
Hotel Vintage Park11built1923(1)
The Nolo10built2013
AVM Biotechnology8built2015
Pioneer Building6built1892(1)
University West11built
Lowell Emerson Apartments11built1928
Denny Terrace11built
The Inn at Virginia Mason10built1928(1)
Exeter House10built1928
Downtowner Apartments10built1910(1)
Experience Music Project2built2000(1)
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