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NB Power Building9built1983(3)
Carleton Place8built1982(1)
Regency Park9built1994(2)
Marysville Place5built1885(1)
Forest Hilll Towers9built(1)
Magee House7built(1)
MacLeod House7built(1)
Frederick Square 17built1990(1)
Delta Fredericton7built(1)
Crowne Plaza Lord Beaverbrook Hotel7built(1)
York Tower6built1976(1)
King Tower6built1974(1)
Centennial Building6built1967(1)
Barker House6built1988(1)
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick4built1882(1)
Fredericton City Hall4built1876(1)
Harveys Big Potatobuilt1961(1)