Los Angeles

In the SkyscraperPage database, Los Angeles includes buildings in both Los Angeles and Marina del Rey.

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Wilshire Grand Tower73built2017(2)
US Bank Tower73built1989(15)
Aon Center62built1973(20)
Two California Plaza52built1992(16)
Gas Company Tower52built1991(5)
Bank of America Plaza55built1975(12)
777 Tower53built1991(3)
Wells Fargo Tower54built1983(14)
Figueroa at Wilshire53built1990(3)
Paul Hastings Tower52built1972(8)
City National Tower52built1972(8)
Ritz-Carlton / Marriott Marquis Los Angeles55built2010(5)
Citigroup Center48built1979(6)
611 Place42built1969(3)
One California Plaza42built1985(8)
Century Plaza Tower Two44built1973(7)
Century Plaza Tower One44built1973(6)
KPMG Tower45built1983(10)
AIG SunAmerica Center39built1990(2)
Ernst & Young Plaza41built1985(4)
TCW Building37built1990(3)
Union Bank of California Plaza40built1968(4)
10 Universal City Plaza36built1984(7)
1100 Wilshire36built1986(2)
Fox Plaza34built1987(1)
MGM Tower35built2003(2)
10000 Santa Monica40built2017(1)
The Century41built2009(1)
1055 West Seventh33built1989(2)
Los Angeles City Hall28built1927(6)
Equitable Life Building34built1969(4)
AT&T Center32built1965(2)
PacBell Tower17built1961(2)
5900 Wilshire32built1971(3)
Metropolis Tower B38built2016(1)
One Wilshire28built1966(3)
Broadway Plaza - MCI Center33built1973(4)
Warner Center Plaza Three25built1991(1)
MTA Building27built1995(1)
1900 Avenue of the Stars28built1969(1)
WaterMarke Tower35built2009(2)
Warner Center One21built1983(1)
Warner Center Plaza Six20built1989(1)
801 Tower24built1992(2)
Watt Plaza South Tower23built1982(2)
Watt Plaza North Tower23built1982(2)
Mellon Bank Center26built1982(2)
Roybal Federal Building20built1991(1)
Westin Bonaventure Hotel35built1976(4)
Hilton Universal City & Towers28built1989(2)
Beaudry Center29built1986(2)
10100 Santa Monica Boulevard26built1972(1)
California Federal Savings & Loan Building28built1966(2)
The Evian31built1982(3)
Oppenheimer Tower24built1970(3)
Center West23built1990(1)
Figueroa Tower28built1989(2)
Grand Promenade Apartment Phase I27built1988(1)
801 Olive Street33built2017
550 South Hope28built1991(1)
Wedbrush Center23built1987(2)
Bunker Hill Tower32built1968(2)
City National Bank Building24built1968(3)
Valley Executive Tower22built1984(1)
10960 Wilshire Boulevard24built1971(4)
LAC + USC Medical Center20built1933(1)
Biltmore Tower24built1987(3)
Manulife Plaza21built1982(1)
888 Tower23built1985(1)
Concerto - South Tower28built2011
The Wilshire27built1990(1)
The Tower23built1989(2)
1888 Building21built1970(1)
The Vermont Tower [2]29built2014(2)
6300 Wilshire Boulevard21built1973(1)
6500 Wilshire28built1986(1)
Century Park Plaza21built1973(1)
Sunset Vine Tower20built1963(2)
Barrington Plaza A25built1961(1)
Westwood Getaway One22built1985(1)
Sky Lofts22built1986(2)
World Savings Center25built1983(2)
The 10560 Wilshire21built1982(1)
717 Olympic27built2008(1)
2222 Avenue of the Stars28built1964(1)
2220 Avenue of the Stars28built1964(1)
One Park Plaza22built1973(1)
Beverley West Residences21built2009(2)
Wilshire Financial Tower21built1961(1)
Californian on Wilshire23built2006(1)
Paramount Plaza West20built1972(1)
Paramount Plaza East20built1969(1)
915 Wilshire23built1980(1)
Sunset Media Tower22built1971(1)
New Otani Hotel21built(1)
Remington Condominiums24built2000(1)
The Mirabella21built1982(1)
La Tour21built1991(1)
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