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In the SkyscraperPage database, Los Angeles includes buildings in both Los Angeles and Marina del Rey.

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Union Bank of California Building10built1969
Trident Center West Tower10built1983
Trident Center East Tower10built1983
Richmore Garden Twin Towers10built1982
Montecito Apartments10built1931
Knickerbocker Hotel10built1925
Higgins Building10built1910
Glen Towers10built1962
Dominguez-Wilshire Building10built1930
Bob Hope Patriotic Hall10built
7080 Hollywood Boulevard10built1972
533 South Fremont10built1968
4929 Wilshire10built1973
18321 Ventura10built1974
1060 South Broadway10built1921
Macy's Plaza7built1973
Wilshire Tower13built1965
728 South Hill Street13built1924
7135 Hollywood Boulevard13built1965
1601 Vine8built2017
Magnolia Towers Co-operative13built1985(1)
Dream Hollywood Hotel10built2015
Hollywood Reporter Building9built1948
Seeley G. Mudd Building12built1982
Radisson Wilshire Plaza12built1979
Pacific Palms Resort12built1981
Hollywood Metropolitan Hotel12built1984
Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills12built1974
Weingart Center10built1926
5200 West Century10built1982
Park La Brea Tower 913built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 813built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 713built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 613built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 513built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 413built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 313built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 213built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 1813built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 1713built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 1613built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 1513built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 1413built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 1313built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 1213built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 1113built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 1013built1950(1)
Park La Brea Tower 113built1950(1)
10717 Wilshire Boulevard12built(1)
The Standard Downtown12built1956
Christ Unity Manor12built1973
315 East 8th Street12built1925
Vista Towers12built1972
Mount Zion Towers12built1971
Madison Apartments12built1964
MacArthur Park Towers12built1975
Harbor Towers12built1976
Fickett Towers12built1974
Los Angeles Medical Center10built1952
Hollywood Plaza Hotel10built1924
808 North Spring Street10built1916
Talmadge Apartments11built1924
12001 San Vicente6built
Radisson Midcity Hotel11built1975
Standard Oil Building8built1927
Brunswig Square8built1931
800 South Hope8built1985
HomeFed Bank Building7built
Federal Reserve Bank5built1986
Harris & Frank Building7built1908
Broadway Plaza Apartments6built1917
6060 Center Drive10built2000(1)
General Petroleum Corporation Parking Garage7built1948
Biscut Company Lofts8built1925
Villa De Pueblo6built1995
Toy Factory Lofts6built1924
Mercantile Lofts6built1906
Factory Place Lofts6built1926
City Lofts6built
421 East 6th Street6built
1212 Flower5built1967
AIC Plaza6built1984
Eight-O-One South Flower5built1931
Hotel Savoy11built1917
746 Building11built1918
Stillwell Hotel10built1913
Marina del Rey Marriott10built1980
Dykstra Residence Hall10built1959
Century City Medical Plaza Hospital10built1969
Bunche Hall10built1964
743 Santee Street10built1920
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Building9built
Crown Plaza9built
910 South Los Angeles Street9built
USC - Vivian Hall8built1967
USC - Frank Seaver Science Center8built1970
Met Lofts8built2005
LAPD Parker Center8built1953(1)
635 South Hill Street8built1925
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