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Northwestern National Bank Building17destroyed(1)
Metropolitan Building12destroyed(1)
Radisson Center14destroyed(1)
Radisson Hotel14destroyed
Donaldson's Office Building11destroyed(1)
Sheraton-Ritz Hotel17destroyed(1)
Builders Exchange12destroyed(1)
Nicollet Hotel14destroyed(1)
Globe Building8destroyed(1)
Harrington Hall13destroyed
Andrews Hotel10destroyed
Leamington Hotel13destroyed
Wesley Temple Building12destroyed(1)
New York Life Building10destroyed(1)
Phoenix Building10destroyed
Saint James Hotel12destroyed(1)
Curtis Hotel Tower 212destroyed(1)
Curtis Hotel Tower 112destroyed(1)
LaSalle Building8destroyed(1)
Hotel Dyckman10destroyed(1)
Palace Building8destroyed(1)
National Building9destroyed(1)
Contagious Building Annx10destroyed
Sheridan Hotel10destroyed
700 Bryant Avenue North12destroyed(1)
630 Bryant Avenue North12destroyed(1)
Radisson Hotel14destroyed(1)