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Oakwood Hotel & Residence Si Racha44built2017(1)
The ZEA39built2017(1)
Arize Sriracha Hotel38under construction(1)
Notting Hill Laemchabang36under construction(1)
Knightsbridge The Ocean Sriracha36built2017(1)
Marina Bayfront Sriracha32built2016(1)
Citi Resort Si Racha31built2016(1)
Nusasiri Onzen Tower IV30proposed
Nusasiri Onzen Tower III30proposed
Nusasiri Onzen Tower II30proposed
Nusasiri Onzen Tower I30proposed
Ladda Plus Sriracha Tower 128built2018(1)
Ladda Condoview23built2012(1)
Sea Hill Building A23built2016
Ladda Plus Sriracha Tower 221built2018(1)
Sea Hill Building C20built2016
Zen City Tower II14proposed
Zen City Tower I14proposed