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Metropolitian Area Cities
Guangzhou is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Hong Kong
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai


Formerly known as Canton, Kanton or Kwangchow.

Guangzhou is the capital and a political, economic, scientific and cultural center of Guangdong Province. It is located in the south of Guangdong Province and in the north of the Pearl River Delta. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau. It is a regional central city in South China, a communication and telecommunication hub, and southern gateway of China to the world.

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Listing 301 to 400 of 459 buildings
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Fuxing Commercial Building26built1996(2)
Guangzhou Poly Building22built2005
Lijingwan Garden West Block31built2000
King Kong Plaza 229built
Rosedale Hotel & Suites Guangzhou28built1988
King Kong Plaza 326built
CSG Dispatch Building21built2004
Bank of America Plaza27built1997(1)
Lingnan Building of Sun Yat-sen Memorial H...26built1997
Skyline Plaza Hotel27built1987
Ramada Pearl Hotel25built1991(1)
Panyu Yindu Squarebuilt(1)
Yuexiu Neo Metropolis23built2006
PICC Building24built2005
Defeng Building Block A29built
Hongkong Macao Square 526built2007
Hongkong Macao Square 426built2007
Hongkong Macao Square 326built2007
Hongkong Macao Square 226built2007
Hongkong Macao Square 126built2007
Jie Tai Plaza22built2000
Mandarin Hotel19built1999
Guangzhou Likeng Waste Incineration Power ...built2004
Guangzhou International Media Port East20built2013(1)
Runhua Building26built1999
Canton Mart18built2006
Yuehai Hotel23built
Cultural Building24built1986
Guangzhou International Media Port West19built2013(1)
Defeng Building Block B24built
Agricultural Bank of China Building20built
Nansha Grand Hotel16built2004
New Wave Digital Plazabuilt2004
Offshore Petroleum Building21built1987
Nanfang Daily Gathering & Edition Building23built1989
Guangzhou Civil Administration Buildingbuilt(1)
Hengyuan Mansion26built2001
Parkview Place Phase 3 Block 1320built2001
Parkview Place Phase 3 Block 1220built2001
Parkview Place Phase 3 Block 1120built2001
Parkview Place Phase 3 Block 1020built2001
Parkview Place Phase 2 Block 620built1999
Parkview Place Phase 2 Block 520built1999
Parkview Place Phase 2 Block 420built1999
Parkview Place Phase 2 Block 320built1999
Parkview Place Phase 2 Block 220built1999
Parkview Place Phase 1 Block 920built1996(1)
Parkview Place Phase 1 Block 820built1996(1)
Parkview Place Phase 1 Block 720built1996(1)
International Bank Tower17built1998
Times Square11built2000(1)
Guangzhou Municipal Office, SATbuilt(1)
Zhongshan Building of Sun Yat-sen Memorial...19built1985
Nansha CGCC Building18built2004
Guangzhou International Financial Building18built1990
Wujing Zongdui Hospital of Guangdong Province16built2003(1)
Guangzhou Children's Activity Center13built1987
Oi Kwan Hotel 218built1966(1)
Guangdong Hotel19built1988(1)
Mayflower Plaza13built2004
Oi Kwan Hotel 115built1937(1)
Fengyuan Mansion21built1998
Oriental Finance Building15built2003(1)
China Hotel18built1984(1)
Guangzhou Friendship Commercial Building15built1993
Guangzhou Children's Library6built1937(1)
Xindaxin Department Store16built1990
Bank of China Zhuangjiang Branch Building16built1986
Guangzhou International Technology & Trade...built(1)
Broadway Plaza15built1995
Guangzhou Hutian Hotel14built1991
Nanfang Building12built1922(1)
Grandview Mall7built2004(1)
Guangdong Broadcasting Center Phase 114built2001(1)
Fire Training Tower12built2005(1)
Guangzhou Int'l Convention & Exhibition Ce...8built2008
Guangdong Museum5built2010
Women and Children Hospital & Health Care ...17built1986
Guangzhou Urban Development Archives12built
Guangzhou Book Selling Center9built1994
Lixun Business Center8built2005
Guangzhou Int'l Convention & Exhibition Ce...8built2007
Guangzhou Int'l Convention & Exhibition Ce...6built2002
Dongfang Hotel Phase 212built1973
Guangzhou Opera House7built2010
Guangzhou East Railway Station7built1996
Glorious City Garden Phase 112built1997
Teem Mall7built1996
Highsun Bin Bin Plaza10built1958
Sun Yat-sen University North Campus Forens...9built1988
Guangzhou University Guihuagang Campus Phy...9built1988
Guangzhou Medical College Main Teaching Bu...9built1984
Dongshan Department Store10built1982
Guangzhou SCNPC Office Building8built1990
Chengzong Mansion10built1986
Jia Nan Hall Complex8built1926
Core Zone7built2005(1)
Hetai Plaza29built
Yuexiu Fire Squadron Lookout Tower9built1920
Guangzhou Old Cadre Activity Center8built1986
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