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Metropolitian Area Cities
Guangzhou is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Hong Kong
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai


Formerly known as Canton, Kanton or Kwangchow.

Guangzhou is the capital and a political, economic, scientific and cultural center of Guangdong Province. It is located in the south of Guangdong Province and in the north of the Pearl River Delta. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau. It is a regional central city in South China, a communication and telecommunication hub, and southern gateway of China to the world.

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Guangzhou Telecom Building28built(1)
China International Center - Tower A24built
Regal Court 534built1999
Citycreation Building29built2003(1)
Guangdong International Building Annex A33built1991
Liwan Plaza30built1996(1)
Jiaye Building30built(1)
Peace World Plaza33built1996(1)
Guangdong Management Center of Power30built1989(1)
Yi An Plaza29built1996(1)
China Mayors Plaza28built1996(1)
Regal Court 633built2000
Regal Court 433built1999
Regal Court 333built1999
Guangdong Foreign Economic & Trade Building31built(1)
Taikoo Hui Guangzhou Cultural Plaza Office...30proposed
Goldlion Tower29built1996(1)
City Development Plaza28built1997
Zhongqiao Building30built1997(1)
Jin Hui Building28built2000(1)
Yi Jing Xuan32built2000
Regal Court 232built1999
Regal Court 132built1999
Longjin Mansion32built2001
Globelink Hotel31built2000(1)
Garden Hotel31built1985(1)
Goldsun Building & Jianhe Center Mansion29built1996(1)
Asia Pacific Century Plaza East Tower28built2007
World Trade Center North Tower34built1992
Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hos...30built(1)
Guangzhou National Tax Building27built2004(2)
Xianglong Garden Office Building39built1999(1)
Tianjun International Building32built2003(1)
Poly Beijing Building32built2000
Yangcheng Building30built2006
Guangzhou Exchange Square30built1998(1)
Lido Hotel29built1990
DS Building28built2004
Guangdong International Building Annex B30built1991
Eastern Place Phase 439built2006(1)
Eastern Place Phase 339built2004(1)
Eastern Place Phase 239built2000(1)
Eastern Place Phase 139built1997(1)
New World Times Center Phase 131built2003
New Century Hotel29built1996
Qinjian Business Plaza25built2004
Fengwei Building29built2001
Heng Bao Garden31built2001(1)
Unicom New Horizon Square25built2005
Qiaoji Garden33built2000
People's Bank of China Building30built1987(2)
Romantic Garden33built2001
Huiyayuan Block C33built1999
Huiyayuan Block A & B33built1999
Tianjun Building31built2003
Zhonghai Garden A330built2000
Zhonghai Garden A1 & A230built2000
The Hub30built2005
Taikoo Hui Shangri-La Hotel30proposed
Star International29built2005
Ka Ying Hotel29built1991
Art Life25built2006
Guangzhou Long Distance Communication Hub19built1992
The Riverside 827built2009
The Riverside 727built2009
Ocean Plaza25built2010(1)
La Vendome18built2012(1)
Long Jin Mansion31built2007
Gold Coast Guangzhou Phase 1 Block C31built1997(1)
Gold Coast Guangzhou Phase 1 Block B31built1997(1)
Gold Coast Guangzhou Phase 1 Block A31built1997(1)
Nanbei Plaza 4-529built2002
Nanbei Plaza 2-329built2002
Nanbei Plaza 129built2002
Wing Kin Square23built1997
Sofitel Guangzhou Hotel27built2010(1)
Grandbuy New Wing27built2002
Central Plaza30built1999
Holiday Inn City Centre Guangzhou25built1989(1)
The Riviera A730built2014(1)
The Riviera A130built(1)
Guangzhou Daily News Headquarters30built2010
Riverside Hotel East Towers29built1992(1)
Ocean Shipping Building28built
Dong Bao Building28built2002
Guangzhou Hotel27built1968(1)
CTS Centre26built2000(1)
R&F Science Centre24built2005
R&F Grand Hyatt Guangzhou24built2007
Golden Valleybuilt
Fudu Commercial Mansionon hold
Choice Plaza30built2007
Jinhai Building28built2005
Grand Tower30built2005
Town Jollity32built2002
South Securities Building29built2000(1)
Winner Plaza Block A25built2009
Wenchang Garden30built1998
World Trade Center South Tower30built1992
Fangcun Garden32built2001
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