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Metropolitian Area Cities
Guangzhou is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Hong Kong
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan
• Zhuhai


Formerly known as Canton, Kanton or Kwangchow.

Guangzhou is the capital and a political, economic, scientific and cultural center of Guangdong Province. It is located in the south of Guangdong Province and in the north of the Pearl River Delta. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau. It is a regional central city in South China, a communication and telecommunication hub, and southern gateway of China to the world.

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Xinyu Building39built2003(1)
W Guangzhou Hotel & Residences42built2011(2)
Shun Tak Business Centre38built2000(1)
GIE Tower35built1996(1)
Ming Sing Plaza32on hold(1)
Long Zhu Yuan43on hold
Guangdong GoTone Building37built2008(1)
Guangdong Development Bank Center41built1996(1)
Taikoo Hui Office Tower 237built2011(1)
Poly International Plaza 235built2006(1)
Poly International Plaza 135built2006(1)
Park 2848built2009(1)
JLB Tower39built1999(1)
Top View45built2006(1)
Holdround International Center43built2003(1)
New China Mansion43built
Gold Coast Guangzhou Phase 3 Block C45built2002(2)
Gold Coast Guangzhou Phase 3 Block B45built2002(2)
Gold Coast Guangzhou Phase 3 Block A45built2002(2)
Xinyuan Mansion36built2001
Victory Garden Block B48built2004(1)
Post Chateau43built2005
Poly D Plaza Building 131built(1)
Poly D Plaza Building 230built(1)
The Harbourside Phase 348built2009
The Regal Harbour 143built2005
GZITIC Mansion40built1998(1)
GDTV Center Phase 133built1991(1)
Coral Garden52built2000(1)
Dongzhao Building42built2008
Renfeng Tower41built2004(1)
Riverside Hotel Central Tower45built1996(1)
Guangdong Broadcasting Center Phase 229built2008(1)
The Regal Harbour 343built2005
The Regal Harbour 243built2005
The Cosmos 245built2006
The Cosmos 145built2006
Guangzhou Development Center Building37built2004(1)
The Bayview E41built2013(1)
The Bayview D41built2013(1)
The Bayview C41built2013(1)
The Bayview B41built2013(1)
The Bayview A41built2013(1)
Shangri-La Pazhou37built2006(1)
Kingplat International40built2004
Ping An Building34built2002(1)
Yudean Building35built2006
The Cosmos 543built2006
The Cosmos 443built2006
The Cosmos 343built2006
Gold Coast Guangzhou Phase 2 Block C45built1998(2)
Gold Coast Guangzhou Phase 2 Block B45built1998(2)
Gold Coast Guangzhou Phase 2 Block A45built1998(2)
CITIC Plaza International Apartment 238built1996(3)
CITIC Plaza International Apartment 138built1996(3)
Sheraton Hotel35built2008(1)
Hotel Canton38built1997(1)
GDCIQ Centre & Guo Men Hotelbuilt2001(1)
The Cosmos 841built2006
The Cosmos 741built2006
The Cosmos 641built2006
Onelink International Plaza37built1996(1)
Yangcheng International Commercial Center ...38built2003(1)
Majestic Hotel36built2000
GDPE Landmark Building33built
Guangzhou Custom House26built2005
Guangzhou Tobacco Mansion28built(1)
Dongshan Plaza28built1995(1)
Guangdong Land Tax Buildingbuilt(1)
Hotel Landmark Canton39built1991(1)
Overseas Chinese Building40built1991
Han Palace38built2004
Dong Jun Plaza36built1995
Grandbuy Building32built1995
Panyu Commercial Exhibition Center28built2001(1)
The Riverside 636built2009
The Riverside 536built2009
Huapu Office Complex29built2005
Wuyang New City Plaza30built(1)
Jin Ying Building36built1994
Dongshan Baiyun Place29built2004
Taikoo Hui Mandarin Oriental Hotel28built2011(1)
Furama Hotel Guangzhou28built1993
Kingold Hotelproposed
Guangdong Public Security Commanding Center33built1997(1)
Huimei Mansion30built2010
OneLink Walk Residential Tower [2]37built
Guangdong Holdings Tower34built1995
OneLink Walk Residential Tower [1]33built
Ruixing Building30built1999
Fuchun Orient Wende Road Project30built2007
Tian Yu Business Plaza34built2004
Royal Convention32built2001
City Key Tower30built2002
Guangzhou Post Jun Yuan Mansion28built2000
Langham Place20built2012(1)
Business Union Building30built1997(1)
Pearl River Industry & Commerce Center North34built1990
White Swan Hotel34built1983(1)
Baiyun Hotel33built1976(1)
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