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Las Atalayas II23built2007(1)
Las Atalayas I23built2007(1)
Torre Norte23on hold(1)
Torre Godoy19built2005(1)
Edificio Invercon18proposed(1)
Torre JC116built2009(1)
Torre Medi17built2006(1)
Edificio Hispania19built(1)
Torre Blanca16built1968
Gran Via 1916built1970
Edificio Alzadia16built1969
Torre Polaris Atalayas Business Center15built2009(1)
Torre de Murcia15built1962
Gran Via 2115built1969
Edificio Vencor15built1971
Edificio Galerias15built1968
Edificio Consul15built
Edificio Captesa15built1969
Edificio Alfil15built1967
Edificio Alba15built1969
Primo de Rivera 4-614built1969
Jaime I El Conquistador 514built1968
Gran Via 19D14built1962
Fernández Ardavín 814built
Edificio Montesol14built1967
Diez Revenga 3-414built1971
Rio Segura 413built1966
Rector Loustau 613built1978
Rector Loustau 16-1813built1976
Maestro Javier Paulino 113built1974
Edificio Hexagonal13built1962
Derechos Humanos 613built1978
Derechos Humanos 213built1981
De la Fama 713built1976
Antoñete Galvez 213built1975
Torre Proconsa13built2007