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Hotel Westin Queretaro40proposed(1)
Hospital San Jose Moscati28under construction(2)
Juriquilla Towers Torre B30built2016(1)
Juriquilla Towers Torre A30built2015(1)
High Park I29under construction(1)
Motto27under construction(1)
Torre Postal25under construction
Adamant Queretaro28built2017(1)
Torre Icono25proposed(1)
Centro Medico Tec 100 Torre de Consultorios23under construction(2)
Central Park Torre Oficinas 225built2013(1)
Central Park Torre Oficinas 125built2012(1)
Levant Diamante25under construction(1)
Torres Montebello 125built2016(1)
Corporativo Blanco20built2009(2)
Central Park Residences & Shopping Village...24built2014(1)
Central Park Residences & Shopping Village...24built2011(1)
Central Park Residences & Shopping Village...24built2012(1)
Koloria Residence22built2017(1)
Corporativo Titanium M2SH21under construction(1)
Altitud 180 Torre 426proposed(1)
Altitud 180 Torre 326proposed(1)
Altitud 180 Torre 226proposed(1)
Altitud 180 Torre 126proposed(1)
Momentum Juriquilla17under construction(1)
Torre Cápita Beyond Business16under construction(1)
City View19under construction(1)
Torres Montebello 321under construction(1)
Torres Montebello 221under construction(1)
Alia Sky Living21under construction(1)
Hotel Sheraton19under construction(1)
Torre Medica TEC 10016built2007(2)
Hospital Star Médica Querétaro14built(1)
Holiday Inn Queretaro Zona Krystal15built2014
Torre 5714under construction(1)
Kristal Bussiness Center17under construction(1)
Handiko La Campana 1000 C17proposed
Handiko La Campana 1000 B17proposed
Nouvalia13under construction(1)
Teide I16under construction(1)
La Reserva Torre 3214proposed
La Reserva Torre 2414proposed
La Reserva Torre 2314proposed
La Reserva Torre 2214proposed
La Reserva Torre 2114proposed
La Reserva Torre 2014under construction
Handiko La Campana 1000 D16proposed
Handiko La Campana 1000 A16proposed
Torre Parque Tecnologico ITESM11built2011(1)
Residencial Vista Santiago16built2010(1)
Wise Living Cañada13under construction(1)
Tres vistas Juriquilla15under construction(1)
Casa Inn Queretaro14built2010(1)
Querétaro Business Park9built2015(1)
Teide II16under construction(1)
Torre Inova15under construction(1)
Q7001 Torre de Oficinas II15built2014(1)
Q7001 Torre de oficinas I15built2014(1)
Torre CS980012built2007(1)
Residencial Sierrazul14built2008(1)
Torre Lomas12built2012(1)
Corporativo Tayco12proposed(1)
Aira Jurica12under construction
Crowne Plaza Querétaro9built(1)
Mira Diamante14under construction(1)
Latitud La Victoria Torres C y D13under construction(1)
Latitud La Victoria Torres A y B13under construction(1)
Latitud La Victoria Torre E13under construction
TEC 10012built1993(1)
Fairfield Inn & Suites Queretaro Juriquilla10built2015(1)
Alterra Towers 314proposed
Alterra Towers 214proposed
Alterra Towers 114under construction
Corporativo Boulevares8built2016(1)
Torre Gaviota Coto Club13built2007(1)
La Reserva Torre 319under construction
Hospital San Jose9built2016(1)
Marriott Courtyard Querétaro9built2014