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Hotel Westin Queretaro40proposed(1)
Torre Icono25proposed(1)
Altitud 180 Torre 426proposed(1)
Altitud 180 Torre 326proposed(1)
Altitud 180 Torre 226proposed(1)
Altitud 180 Torre 126proposed(1)
Handiko La Campana 1000 C17proposed
Handiko La Campana 1000 B17proposed
La Reserva Torre 3214proposed
La Reserva Torre 2414proposed
La Reserva Torre 2314proposed
La Reserva Torre 2214proposed
La Reserva Torre 2114proposed
Handiko La Campana 1000 D16proposed
Handiko La Campana 1000 A16proposed
Tres vistas Juriquilla15proposed(1)
Corporativo Tayco12proposed(1)
Alterra Towers 314proposed
Alterra Towers 214proposed