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Metropolitian Area Cities
Shenzhen is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
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• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Hong Kong
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Shenzhen, formerly known as Bao'an County.

It is a sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province and is a Special Economic Zone of China, located at the border with Hong Kong.

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Shum Yip Upperhills Tower 180under construction(1)
Shenzhen Center80under construction(2)
Hongshu Bay Metro Station77under construction(4)
Qianhai Horoy Tower - Conrad Hotelunder construction(2)
Shenzhen Bay Innovation and Technology Centre71under construction(1)
OCT Tower66under construction(1)
Baoneng Center71under construction(2)
Excellence Qianhai Landmark Towerunder construction(2)
Centralcon Shangsha Project 267under construction(2)
Centralcon Shangsha Project 167under construction(2)
Binhe 04-01 04-02 Plotunder construction(1)
Shimao Qianhai Project70under construction(1)
Ping An Finance Center South51under construction(1)
China Resources Qianhai Center T165under construction(2)
Huaxun Center70under construction(1)
Shenzhen Metro Chegong Temple Hub55under construction(2)
China Resources Headquarters Second Towerunder construction(1)
Dahanwang Project [1]53under construction(2)
North Station West Square [1]under construction
Clay Innovation Squareunder construction
Shenzhen University Subway Station Complex51under construction(1)
Shenzhen Bay Ecocity B-Tech Project [2]54under construction(1)
China Resources Qianhai Center T555under construction(1)
Shuibei Jewelry Headquarters48under construction(1)
Silverstein International Financial Center...under construction
China Resources Dachong Redevelopment Proj...under construction(1)
China Construction Bank Building 240under construction
Guosen Securities Tower50under construction
China Resources Qianhai Center T251under construction(1)
Nanyou [Tower 2]under construction(2)
Nanyou [Tower 1]under construction(2)
Pengguangda Tower58under construction
Lvgang International Center 241under construction
Vanke One Cityunder construction(1)
Longpark Grand Sights Hotelunder construction
China Resources Dachong Redevelopment Proj...under construction(1)
Haofang Skyline Garden45under construction
Prince Plazaunder construction(1)
Shenzhen International Trade Center44under construction
Shenzhen Media Group Building43under construction
China Resources Dachong Redevelopment Proj...under construction(1)
China Resources Qianhai Center T449under construction(1)
Shenzhen Fangda Square39under construction
SF Express Headquater Buildingunder construction
North Station East Square [1]under construction
Longgang Tianan Cyberpark Project Phase 4under construction
Gmond International Buildingunder construction
CLP Great Wall Towerunder construction
Baoneng City [2]under construction
Baoneng City [1]under construction
Dahanwang Project [2]41under construction(2)
Tencent Coastal Tower 240under construction
China Resources Residential Block Bunder construction
China Resources Residential Block Aunder construction
Gemdale Gangxia Project Tower [2]under construction
China Resources Qianhai Center T332under construction(1)
Runda Business Plaza West Tower43under construction
Runda Business Plaza East Tower43under construction
Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank Headquarters41under construction
Minsheng Financial Tower 134under construction
Shimao Qianhai Project [2]under construction
Shenzhen Jinling Holiday Homesunder construction
Minsheng Financial Tower 222under construction
SinoSafe Insurance Headquarters18under construction