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Metropolitian Area Cities
Shenzhen is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Hong Kong
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Zhongshan
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Shenzhen, formerly known as Bao'an County.

It is a sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province and is a Special Economic Zone of China, located at the border with Hong Kong.

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999 Royal Suites and Tower34built2003
Wanchen Square31built
Hua Du Garden31built1993
JW Marriott Hotel27built2009(1)
Woods Apartments C28built2012(1)
Woods Apartments B28built2012(1)
Woods Apartments A28built2012(1)
East Pacific Center Tower E23built2013(1)
Aviation Building37built1987
Shun Hing Square Annex35built1995
Hualian Building35built1990
Tianan International Building32built1993
SKC Building30built
Commercial Development - Dongmen Road30built
Lijing Building35built1999
Granz Vista35built1999
Tien An Cyber Times Tower26built2003(1)
Movie Building29built1989(1)
Investment Bank Building20built2013(1)
Grand View Hotel29built1998
Flourishing China Hotel29built2001
A8 Music Building25built2013(1)
Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel West Tower33built2007
Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel North Tower33built2007
Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel East Tower33built2007
Shangri-La Hotel37built1990(2)
New Baohui Tower29built
China Unicom Building24built
Winner Plaza28built
Regalia Place28built2001
Le Parc Phase 428built2003
Le Parc Phase 328built2002
City Tower26built2004(1)
Carrianne Friendship Square33built2000(1)
A.Best Department Store28built
Oriental Garden36built
Aerospace Skyscraper25built(1)
Shenzhen International Chamber Of Commerce...29built2002
China Construction Bank Building31built1987(1)
Oriental Regent Hotel30built1987(1)
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China30built1987(1)
Hongshu Xi'an C31built2007(1)
Hongshu Xi'an B31built2007(1)
Hongshu Xi'an A31built2007(1)
Shenzhen Scale of Law Tower30built
3nod Tower24built2012
The Pavilion Tower 237built2001
The Pavilion Tower 137built2001
South Country Building31built
Walton Heights28built2005(1)
Parc Roma 3A-627built2001
Parc Roma 1-327built2001
Pacific Commercial Building27built
Le Parc Phase II - Parc Barcelona Towers 9-1227built2002
Le Parc Phase 2 Towers 13-1527built2002
Gitic Industrial Building27built
Qinhai Building33built
Grand Skylight Hotel34built
Yuanling Apartments33built1991
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Building 224built2013(1)
Overseas Chinese Hotel28built1989
Gintian Building28built1994
Far East Grand Hotel26built
Jinling Hotel29built1990
Highway Networks Management Control Center26built
Baoan Square26built
Jintong Building32built1990
Zhijian Times Tower 330built2006
Zhijian Times Tower 230built2006
Zhijian Times Tower 130built2006
Times Square Excellence II25built2008(1)
Tairang Tower25built2012(1)
Capital Plaza Hotel25built1993
Argricultural Bank of China Building25built
Shenzhen Minghua Maritime Center24built1996
Minsheng Financial Tower 222under construction
CITIC Bank Buildingbuilt2015
Aidi Mansionbuilt
Jinshan Building33built1996
Hangkong Building30built
Kangdaer Building29built
Central Tower25built
World Finance Centre Tower C23built2003
World Finance Centre Tower B23built2003
Glittery City Tower 436built2000
Glittery City Tower 336built2000
Glittery City Tower 236built2000
Glittery City Tower 136built2000
Dingfeng Tower29built
Shenzhen Exhibition Center Tower 325vision
Shenzhen Exhibition Center Tower 225vision
Shenzhen Exhibition Center Tower 125vision
Fountain Garden25built1996
Century Plaza Hotel25built
Anhui Mansion28built
Xinhaofang Building22built
Investment Building Hotel25built
Jiuzhou Chuangzhan Tower26built
Huamin Plaza26built1995
Dexing Building30built
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