Ciudad de Guatemala

Guatemala City (Ciudad de Guatemala or Municipalidad de Guatemala) is the capital and largest city of Guatemala, and also the capital of Guatemala Department.

Situated on the ancient Maya city of Kaminaljuyu, the city is located in a mountain valley in central part of the country.

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Torre Premier Club31built1999(1)
Torre Tintoretto23built2008
Guatemala City Marriott24built(1)
Torre DalĂ­22built
Marques del Valle25built2006
Ministerio de Finanzas Publicas22built1974(1)
Pacific Plaza 220built1994
Pacific Plaza 120built1994
Edificio el Triangulo20built
Centro Financiero (Banco Industrial) Torre...20built1978
Euro Plaza Torre 419built(1)
Euro Plaza Torre 319built1999(1)
Euro Plaza Torre 219built1999(1)
Euro Plaza Torre 119built1999(1)
Punta Vista24built2006
Villa Fontana21built
Murano Center19built
Empresarial Pradera Torre A, B, C y D19built2005
Gran Tikal Futura Hotel19built(1)
Reforma Montufar19built
Geminis 1019built
Edificio Milenia20built
Holiday Inn Hotel18built1997(1)
Guatemala Citibank Tower17built
Edificio Multimedica15built
Edificio CIG16built
La Mirage17built
Hotel Viva Clarion Suites Guatemala16built2006
Real Intercontinental Hotel Guatemala15built
Tadeus Apartamentos17built2009
Crowne Plaza Guatemala14built(1)
Torre Tintoretto23built2007
Banco Internacionalbuilt