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Torre Harmony26built2017(1)
ProCreAr M. T. de Alvear24built2017(1)
Coning III19built(1)
Alberdi 25018built(1)
Coning II18built(1)
Julio Argentino Roca Tower16built(1)
Ameghino 75016built
Torre Vista17built2012
Edificio Independencia II16built(1)
Edificio Independencia I16built(1)
Pellegrini 45016built
Brown 15015built
Los Hacheros 35015built(1)
Ameghino 45015built
Torre Incone III14built(1)
Torre Incone II14built(1)
Torre Incone I14built(1)
Edificio Plaza13built(1)
Sarmiento 57512built2006