San Miguel de Tucuman

San Miguel de Tucumán is the capital city of the Tucumán Province and it is located 1300 kilometers northwest of the city of Buenos Aires.

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Torre San Martín 93029built2011(2)
Torre Muñecas25built1997(2)
576 Concepto20built2011(1)
Einat Boulevard20built2012(1)
25 de Mayo 86919built(1)
Muñecas 75418built2009(1)
25 de Mayo 63917built2006(1)
Monteagudo 74716built
Balcarce 57316built
Altos de Urquiza16built1992
Salta 79015built(1)
Corrientes 41515built
Muñecas 78415built(1)
Torre Mambrini15built
25 de Mayo 54515built2008
Santa Fe 12414built
Bolivar 84814built2007(1)
Alem 15013built(1)
Muñecas 61614built
Edificio Caribe14built1985
Muñecas 77513built2006
Muñecas 73013built
Lavalle 86413built
25 de Mayo 79913built