The capital of the Cordoba province, and one of the most important cities in the country.

Website: www.cordoba.gov.ar

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Ciudad Gama Torre Corporativa35proposed(1)
Torres Capitalinas I37built2019(4)
Torres Capitalinas II37proposed(5)
Alto Paz Tower35under construction(1)
Torre Angela30built1983(1)
Torre Duomo28built2014(1)
Coral State25built2008(1)
Sonoma Ribera23built2014(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 125built2019(1)
Torre Elysee24built2007(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 924proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 824proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 724proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 624proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 524proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 424proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 324proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 224proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 1124proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 1024proposed(1)
Parque Milénica II - Torre VII24built2013(1)
Torre Tarjeta Naranja12built2014(1)
Love Torre Palco Colón24on hold
Torres H - III23built2019
Torres H - II23built2016
Torres H - I23built2014
Love Torre Inverco23proposed
Buenos Aires 105022built(1)
Plaza Espana II21built(1)
Plaza Espana I21built(1)
Consorcio Alas II21built(1)
Cardinales Nuevo Suquía III25built2019(1)
Cardinales Nuevo Suquía II25built2016(1)
Cardinales Nuevo Suquía I25built2014(1)
Alto Villasol - Torre Uritorco19built2010(1)
Love Torre Plaza22proposed
Love Torre Mirasierras22proposed
Love Torre Capital22proposed
Alto Villasol - Torre Catedral20built2010
Alto Villasol - Torre Champaqui19built2010(1)
Miracielos II17built2010(1)
Miracielos I17built2009(1)
Torre Baicor18built(1)
Rodas Platino17built2008
Edificio Aguada17built2008
Sheraton Cordoba16built1997(1)
Cauce Viejo15built2006(1)
Edificio Eiffel15built2007(1)
Cauce Nuevo15built2006
Castellum II14built2002
Mairea II17built2008
+387 VICTORIA17built2012
Torre Qualitas16built2005(1)
Olympus VII16built2003(1)
Torre Castellum15built2001
Olympus I16built1995
Nazareno I16built2007
Marina II16built2006
Rodas Parque15built2007(1)
Lanin III15built2005
Chacabuco Boulevard15built2007
Yrigoyen Office14built2001
Rodas VI14built2005
Ludovico I14built1995
Ayres del Boulevard14built2008
Terrazas del Olmos15built2005
Over II16built2006
Grand Estrada Tour16built2007
Torre del Olmos15built2006(1)
Park's Flower15built1990
Nueva Andalucia15built2007
Nazareno II15built2008
Ignea II15built2007
Rodas V14built2003
Rodas IV14built2002
Betania VIII14built2006
Ciudad Gama Torre 1613proposed
Centro Cívico10built2012
Ciudad Gama Torre 1713proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 1413proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 1213proposed(1)
Ciudad Gama Torre 1513proposed
Ciudad Gama Torre 1313proposed
Cunatai I14built2007
Cordoba Office Center13built1993
Parque Milenica I - Torre IV12built
Parque Milenica I - Torre III12built
Parque Milenica I - Torre II12built
Parque Milenica I - Torre I12built
Torre Olmos Plaza10built2007