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Montréal is the second-largest city in Canada and the largest city in the province of Quebec. Founded in 1642, originally called Ville-Marie, or "City of Mary", the city takes its present name from Mont-Royal, the triple-peaked hill located in the heart of the city, whose name was also initially given to the island on which the city is located, or Mont Réal as it was spelled in Middle French, (Mont Royal in present French).

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425 Viger Ouest11built1910
1253 McGill College11built1927
1001 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est11built1977
Club Marin I14built1989
Westmore Towers14built1964
Villa Latella XIV14built2007
Villa Latella XIII14built2006
Unity II14built2005
Tour Gouin III14built
Tour Gouin I14built
Résidence Navarro14built1988
Résidence Cité Rive III14built1998
Résidence Bellevue14built1977
Les Tours Frontenac III14built1972
Les Tours Frontenac II14built1972
Les Tours Frontenac I14built1972
Les Châteaux de Casson III14built1990
Le Faubourg St-Laurent14built2002
Le Concorde14built1964
Le Colbert14built1969
Le Benthley14built1964
Le Beau Rivage14built1965
La Tourelle14built1979
La Tour Girouard14built1963
Immeuble Deguire III14built1970
Immeuble Deguire II14built1969
Immeuble Deguire I14built1969
Hôtel Maritime Plaza14built1965
Hampstead Terrace14built
Complexe Gouin Langelier II14built1988
Cité Nature II14built2012
Cité 314built2015
485 McGill11built(1)
1255 Phillips Square11built1949(1)
Tour Lakeshore14built1969
The Crossroad14built1970
Résidence Portofino14built
Résidence Jean de Lalande14built1977
Mosaïque Southam14built2007
Le Saphir II14built1970
Le Saphir I14built1969
Le Meridian14built1964
Le Fort de la Montagne II14built1983
Le Fort de la Montagne I14built1983
Le 801 Signature14built2007
Holiday Inn Express Montreal Pointe-Claire14built1975
Edifice Viglione II14built2011
700 du Gaspé14built
2050 de Maisonneuve Ouest14built1964
1150 Sherbrooke Est14built1968
Burnside Hall13built1970
5333 Casgrain12built1972
W Hotel11built2004(1)
Insurance Exchange Building11built1938
Édifice Wilder11built1925
Édifice Equitable11built
Édifice Chabanal11built
Édifice Algo11built1973
1980 Sherbrooke Ouest11built1957
1210 Sherbrooke Ouest11built1959
Pavillon J.W. McConnell Building10built
Montréal Airport Marriott Hotel10built2009
Services des Immeubles9built(1)
Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance III14built1960(1)
1625 Chabanel Ouest10built1975(1)
Le Manoir Outremont14built1977
Tours Alta III13proposed
Tours Alta I13built2013
Tours Alfa13built2014
The 1900 Lincoln13built1959
Sanctuaire II13built1984
Résidence des Étudiants - Tour Ouest13built
Résidence Cité Rive IV13built
Résidence Cité Rive II13built
Manoir Saint-Laurent13built1973
Manior I13built1978
Le Sir-George Simpson13built2009
Le Montpellier13built1982
Le Carillon13built1964
Hôtel Travelodge Montreal Centre13built1989
Faubourg Lacordaire13under construction
Domaine du Parc Olympic II13built1990
CHSLD Champlain-Manoir de Verdun13built1970
Château Collins13built1986
3404 Prud'Homme13built1961
Tropiques Nord12built1976(1)
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel12built1912(1)
Le Nordelec12built2015
Édifice des Soeurs de la Providence12built1960(1)
Delano Condominiums12built2004(1)
5455 de Gaspé12built1973
Édifice TVA11built
Place Carillon II10built
Lofts des Arts10built1949(1)
Linton Apartments10built1908(1)
Les Terasses Langelier10built2001
Les Cours Mont-Royal10built1927
Le Complex Raycom10built1987
Hôpital Sainte-Justine10built
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