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Montréal is the second-largest city in Canada and the largest city in the province of Quebec. Founded in 1642, originally called Ville-Marie, or "City of Mary", the city takes its present name from Mont-Royal, the triple-peaked hill located in the heart of the city, whose name was also initially given to the island on which the city is located, or Mont Réal as it was spelled in Middle French, (Mont Royal in present French).

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Le Chatel27built1975(1)
Village Olympique II20built1976(1)
Village Olympique I20built1976(1)
Le Peterson34built2017(1)
Tours Symphonia 126built2014(2)
500 René-Lévesque26built1983(1)
La Maison de Radio-Canada24built1973(1)
Hôtel Omni Montréal31built1976(1)
Tour AXA26built1973(1)
Place Sherbrooke25built1976(1)
Édifice La Laurentienne27built1986(1)
Le Crystal de la Montagne25built2008(1)
Place Alexis-Nihon III33built1967(1)
Tour Mansfield32cancelled
Evo Square Victoria28built1976(1)
Hôtel Intercontinental26built1994(1)
Place Alexis-Nihon II24built1983(1)
Les Appartements Cartier30built1964(1)
Édifice Aldred23built1931(1)
2250 Guy32built1971(1)
Édifice Bell22built1929(1)
Square Children's - Tour 428proposed
1175 Mackay28cancelled
EstWest Condos 227proposed
EstWest Condos 127proposed
Le Victoire24cancelled(1)
Tour Transat25built1977(1)
Édifice SNC-Lavalin22built1987(1)
Les Verrières sur le Fleuve III26built1989(1)
Industrial Life Tower23built1985(1)
1080 Beaver Hall21built1967(1)
Place Mercantile24built1983(1)
Université de Montréalbuilt(1)
2 Place Dupuis22built1972(1)
Louis Bohème28built2010(2)
Les Dauphins sur le Parc28built1971(1)
Hôtel des Gouverneurs28built1973(1)
Édifice Standard Life21built1961(1)
La Cité Apartments III32built1977(1)
La Cité Apartments II28built1977(1)
La Cité Apartments I28built1977(1)
Le 500 Sherbrooke Ouest22built1982(1)
Édifice Tidan22built1969(1)
Le 680 Sherbrooke Ouest20built1976(1)
Grand Plaza Montréal Centre25built1974(1)
Le Roc Fleuri22built2006(2)
Édifice Croix-Bleue20built1964(1)
Place University Saint-Jacques Tower [2]19cancelled(1)
1 Place Dupuis21built1972(1)
Hôtel Le Cantlie26built(1)
Square Children's - Tour 524proposed
1200 McGill College24built1976(1)
CHUM Main Buildingbuilt(1)
Le 1200 Ouest II25built2004(1)
Le 1200 Ouest I25built2005(1)
Hôtel 117524proposed(1)
Fairmont Queen Elizabeth21built1958(1)
Les Sommets sur le Fleuve I20built2002(1)
Place Dorchester25built1976(1)
Westmount Square Office Building20built1968(1)
Tour Hampstead Apartments26built1966(3)
Le Square Dorchester22cancelled(1)
Tour Banque Laurentienne20built1982(1)
Beauxarts Condominiums20built2007(1)
Engineering & Computer Science/Visual Arts...17built2005(1)
5 Place Ville-Marie17built1968(1)
Voltige - Tour Panora26proposed
Le Smith25under construction(1)
Le Duke25under construction(1)
Laurent & Clark II25proposed(2)
Babylone Tower [2]25cancelled
2144 Bleury25proposed(1)
255 Duke24proposed
Le Drummond23under construction(2)
Myriade22under construction(1)
Le Maritime21cancelled(1)
La Tour Québecor19built2008(1)
Place London Life18built1976(1)
CHUM Ambulatory Centrebuilt(1)
Les Étoiles Condominium21built2007(1)
Le Triomphe21cancelled
Tour La Maritime18built1990(1)
Evolo S25built2017(2)
Hotel Laurentien20destroyed(1)
Le Vistal II25built2009(1)
Le Vistal I25built2008(1)
Les Sommets sur le Fleuve II25built2005(2)
Place de la Cité Internationale I17built1995(1)
Place du Fort25built1975(1)
Terrasse Outremont24built1974(1)
Best Western Ville-Marie Hotel & Suites20built1971(1)
Bell Actimedia17built1958(1)
Palais de Justice15built1971(1)
Hôtel Delta23built1983(1)
Les Sommets sur le Fleuve IV22built2006(1)
Les Sommets sur le Fleuve III22built2005(1)
Le Drummond II21proposed(1)
M9 Phase 419built2015
Centre Manuvie18built1982(1)
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