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Highlife Tower80proposed(1)
By Tower52proposed
Mistral Office Tower48built2017
Folkart Tower B40built2014(1)
Folkart Tower A40built2014(1)
Point Bornova50built2017
Ege Perla A46built2016
Mistral Residential Tower37built2016
KSK Plaza34cancelled
Izmir World Trade Center 135cancelled(1)
Plaza 4444proposed
Kücükbay Residence37proposed
Izmir Hilton Hotel35built1991(1)
Sur Yapı35proposed
Novus33under construction
Izmir Shopping Center 132proposed
Ventus31under construction
Heris Tower26built2001
Ege Perla Tower B29built2016
Özdilek Crowne Tower27built2002
Megapol Tower26built2012(1)
Ova Center26proposed
Izmir World Trade Center 225cancelled(1)
Atek Adress27built2017
My Plaza26built2013(2)
Izmir Shopping Center 226proposed
Bayraklı Tower27built2013
Izmir Trade Center25built2009
Gürel Plaza25built
Mavisehir Type I - 924built
Mavisehir Type I - 824built
Mavisehir Type I - 724built
Mavisehir Type I - 624built
Mavisehir Type I - 524built
Mavisehir Type I - 424built
Mavisehir Type I - 324built
Mavisehir Type I - 224built
Mavisehir Type I - 1624built
Mavisehir Type I - 1524built
Mavisehir Type I - 1424built
Mavisehir Type I - 1324built
Mavisehir Type I - 1224built
Mavisehir Type I - 1124built
Mavisehir Type I - 1024built
Mavisehir Type I - 124built(1)
Folkart Mavişehir22built2012
Punta Residence22built2004
Ege Palas Hotel21built1993
Chamber of Machinery Engineers Building22built2004
Tepekule Convention and Exhibition Centre16built
Alak Hotel14proposed
Izmir State Hospital13built1967
Grand Hotel Efes12built1964
Körfez Tower32proposed
Sunset Plaza28proposed