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Olymp Towers24built2007(1)
Merchant Yard16built2006(1)
West Gates 3-820built2011
West Gates 3-620built2011
Arbat20under construction
Ostrovskiy Phase 217built
Ostrovskiy Phase 117built
49 339th Strelkovoi Divisii St17built2007
12d 339th Strelkovoi Divisii St17built2007
West Gates 3-1018built2011
Five Seas14built2012(1)
West Gates 3-717built2011
Pushkin Street 21516built
Voroshilovsky Prospect 8017built
Voroshilovsky Prospect 6417built
Voroshilovsky Prospect 6017built
Voroshilovsky Prospect 5617built
Ulitsa Lenina 24517built2007
Ulitsa Lenina 24317built2007
Clover House Rostov17built2007
Bratsky/Serafimovicha 28/1115built2006
Zorge 5814built
Amaks Congress-Hotel12built1972
6 b. 7 Korolev Av.16built(1)
15 Cosmonauts Av.14built1987(1)
11/12 Cosmonauts Av.14built1986(1)
Beliy Slon12built2007
River Terminal and Anchor Hotel12built1977(1)
The Balkans9built2006
Millenium-223under construction
Grand House23proposed
Aviator Tower 323under construction
Aviator Tower 223under construction
Aviator Tower 123under construction
Slavyansky Kvartal West22under construction
Slavyansky Kvartal East22under construction
Gvardeisky Residential Complex22under construction
Don Capital22on hold(1)
Cascade 18/121under construction
Cascade 16/121built
Cascade 14/121built2010
Cascade 12/121built
Stone Flower20built2010
Northern Caucasus20built2008
Koroleva Prospekt 2/320built
Koroleva Prospekt 2/320built
3/2 Volkova St20under construction
Western Lights Phase 218built
Western Lights Phase 118built
West Gates 3-518under construction
West Gates 3-1218under construction
Sovremennik House 218built2011
Sovremennik House 118built2011
Residential Complex on Telmana/Kirovskom18under construction
Dolomanovsky Pereulok 5618built2009
40-Let Pobedy Prospekt 8518built
Western Star17built2010
Western Gates 1-317built
West Gates 1-417built2009
West Gates 1-217built
West Gates 1-117built2010
Stachki Prospekt 23217built
Stachki Prospekt 22417built
Stachki Prospekt 21617built
Pushkinskaya 2517built
Park Block17built2010
Malinovskogo 7417built
House on Nikolskaya17built2009
Gvardeisky Business Center17built2008
Griboedovsky Pereulok 617built
Griboedovsky Pereulok 417built
Griboedovsky Pereulok 217built
Felicia Phase 117built2011
Eremenko 87/317built
Eremenko 87/317built
Business Center Riverside-Don17on hold
96 Sokolova Prospect17built
7 339th Strelkovoi Divisii Street17built
6/87 Sokolova Prospect17built
Zorge 60 k216built
Tolmacheva 12716built
Stachki Prospekt 20216built
Rostov City Business Center16under construction
Prospect Lenina 46B16under construction
Orbitalnaya 5016built
Orbitalnaya 2616built
Komarova Bulvar 20 k116built
Kirovsky Prospekt 4816built
Kapustina 816built
Instrumentalnaya 216built
Eremenko 56/716built
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