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Rica Forum Hotel21built2001(1)
Lervig Brygge Pluss I16built2015
B/L Rosenli 119built1971
B/L Rosenli 218built1971
Gulaksveien 217built1972(1)
Rektor Berentsensgate 1412built
Rektor Berentsensgate 1212built
Jernalderveien 5512built1974(1)
Jernalderveien 5312built1974(1)
Jernalderveien 5112built1974(1)
Pedersgata 1911built1970(1)
Hinna Brygge B13built2007(1)
Hinna Brygge A13built2006(1)
Lervig Brygge Pluss II12built2014