The architecture of Bata´s Zlín from 1920 - 1950 is marked by two main elements: reinforced concrete skeletons, brick and glass. This makes Zlín a unique place of distinctive architecture. Of particular interest is the impressive former Tomás Bata memorial building, which was built in 1933 according to the design of architect Gahura. This building represents one of the most radical spacial designs of Czech and European functionalism in general. Architectural diversity may also be found in the local work of Vladimír Karfík. In 1936, he began the design of the Bata administrative building, a 16-floor skyscraper 77.5 m in height, which was finished in 1938, becoming the dominant feature of the Bata complex and the Zlín skyline. During its time, it was the tallest building in Czechoslovakia and a first-rate architectural and technical work of European dimension. Truly unique was the office of the firm president, measuring 6 x 6 m and located in an elevator. Zlín has picked up many monickers, including the "City of this century", the "Mecca of modern architecture", or the "Garden city", remaining to this day a center of the international inter-war style of architecture. Awareness of the value of this unique architecture gradually spread in the 60s. In 1990, a large section of the city was declared a historical cultural zone.


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