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Wells Fargo Tower35built1986(2)
Regions Harbert Plaza32built1989(2)
Regions Center30built1972(2)
AT&T City Center30built1972(3)
City Federal Building27built1913(2)
Alabama Power Headquarters18built1990(1)
Leer Tower21built1920(1)
2 North Twentieth19built1962(1)
John Hand Building21built1912(1)
Daniel Building20built1970(2)
Regions Bank Building17built1973(1)
2121 Building17built
Jefferson Tower16built1940(1)
Financial Center17built1982(1)
Alabama Power Building16built1925(1)
Watts Building17built1928(1)
Empire Building16built1909(1)
Sheraton Birmingham17built1973
Brown Marx Building16built1906(1)
Bankhead Hotel15built1926
The Redmont Hotel14built1925
Shelby Biomedical Research Building14built2006(1)
Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children12built2012
Trinity Medical Center13built2006
Commerce Center14built1928(1)
U.S. Social Security Administration Southe...8built2008
Highland Avenue Tower15proposed
Park Place Tower14built(1)
DoubleTree Hotel Birmingham14built(1)
One Federal Place11built2002
One Concord Center11built2002
Liberty National Building15built
Frank Nelson Building11built1902
Princeton Towers 112built(1)
Sparks Center10built(1)
Colonial Plaza12built(1)
629 19th Court South2built1950(1)