A city of southern China southwest of Chongqing. The Chinese terminus of the Burma Road during World War II, Kunming is the capital of Yunnan province.

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Wanda Plaza [2]67built2016(1)
Wanda Plaza [1]67built2016(1)
Tongde Kunming Plaza54built2015(2)
Kunming Iron & Steel Building50built2014(1)
Harmony Century Tower B55built2017(1)
Harmony Century Tower A55built2017(1)
Dragon Building47built2013
Kunming Century Square43built2008
Sky Garden D46built2013
Sky Garden C45built2013
Sky Garden B45built2013
Sky Garden A45built2013
Yilong - Vientiane City41built2013
South Asian First City A36built2012
Office Building on Erji Road32built2015
Star Fortune Center36built2016
Xanadu Building40built2016
Kai Wah Plaza A37built1999(1)
Kunlun Center25built2016
Office Building at Cuiyu Road35built2015
Kunming Bangke Mansion27built1998
Yilong Vientiane 235built2012
Yunlu Center28built2015
Ginza Center30built2013
Colorful Jun Park A30built2012
Diamond Plaza27built2015
Yilong Vientiane 433built2011
Yilong Vientiane 333built2011
Huayu Tower39built
Yilong Vientiane 532built2011
Shanghai ASEAN Business Center A23built2014
Colorful Jun Park C25built2012
Colorful Jun Park B25built2012
Heart King Building31built2013
South Asian First City B25built2012
Greenland Hotel28built1998
New Era Hotel Kunming28built
Kunming Construction Building26built2000
Shanghai ASEAN Business Center C25built2014
Shanghai ASEAN Business Center B25built2014
Xinhua Building26built
Yunnan Economic Trade Hotel26built
Huguo Building27built
Hydropower Technology Building25built
Wuhua District Government Office Building23built
CCB Office Building23built2003
Kai Wah Plaza B25built1999(1)
Longyuan Apartment30built
Guangfu Building24built
Yilong Vientiane 624built2011
Horizon Hotel25built
Bank of Chinabuilt
Yunnan Foreign Trade Tower22built1987
Unicom Building22built
Harbour Plaza Kunming Hotel21built1999
King World Hotel23built1992
Yunan Weilong Hotel18built1999
Golden Dragon Hotel17built
Bank Hotel17built
Cherry Blossom Hotel21built1993
Golden Spring Hotel20built
Kunming Sakura Hotel18built1993
Kunming Hotel13built1981
Jinyou Hotel15built
Baoshan Hotel15built