A city of southwest South Korea on Korea Strait north-northeast of Pusan. It is an industrial center.

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Taehwa-River Iaan Exodium Tower 254built2010(2)
Taehwa-River Iaan Exodium Tower 154built2010(2)
Ulsan Doosan We've The Zenith Tower B48built2010(2)
Ulsan Doosan We've The Zenith Tower A48built2010(2)
Lotte CastleSky41built2009(1)
Hyundae Marine & Fire Insurance Ulsan Head...20built2000
Taehwa-river Exllu Tower B43built2011
Taehwa-river Exllu Tower A43built2011
Majes Tower II A41built2010(1)
Taehwa-river Exllu Tower C40built2010
Daesong Skyrex40built2010
Majes Tower II B39built2010(1)
Kolon ParkPolis39built2009(1)
Majes Tower 10435built2008(1)
Majes Tower 10335built2008(1)
Majes Tower 10235built2008(1)
Majes Tower 10135built2008(1)
Dongmoon Amuty33built2009
Sante Villa32built2008
Samhwan Art-Nouveau33built2009(1)
Lotte Castle Kingdom 10230built2008
Kukdong Starclass30built2009(1)
River Sweet29built2007
Welltz Tower A26built2007
Welltz Tower B25built2007
World Merdian Park 10527built2008
World Merdian Park 10327built2008
World Merdian Park 10227built2008
World Merdian Park 10127built2008
Lotte Castle Kingdom 10125built2008
Nam-Woon Plaza18built1992(2)
Lotte Castle Kingdom 10322built2008
Sin-Jung Laan 10120built2007(1)
Welltz Tower C17built2007
Dong-San Officetel15built2004(1)
Sin-Jung Laan 10211built2007(1)
Sin-Jung Laan 10311built2007(1)