Formerly known as Taejon.

A city of central South Korea south-southeast of Seoul. It is an agricultural center and a railroad hub.

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The Cyclone96cancelled
Kumgang Exllu Tower 11150built2012(2)
Kumgang Exllu Tower 11050built2012(2)
Kumgang Exllu Tower 10850built2012(2)
Kumgang Exllu Tower 10750built2012(2)
Kumgang Exllu Tower 10650built2012(2)
Kumgang Exllu Tower 10550built2012(2)
Kumgang Exllu Tower 10350built2012(2)
Kumgang Exllu Tower 10250built2012(2)
Korail Headquarters Tower B28built2009(2)
Korail Headquarters Tower A28built2009(2)
Gina Meteor Apartments 10239built2010(1)
Smart City 20339built2008(1)
Smart City 50339built2008(1)
Smart City 20239built2008(1)
Smart City 50138built2008(1)
Smart City 20138built2008(1)
Science Town Apartments A35built2013(1)
Risyubil Apartments 11035built2014(1)
Risyubil Apartments 10935built2014(1)
Risyubil Apartments 10835built2014(1)
Risyubil Apartments 10735built2014(1)
Risyubil Apartments 10635built2014(1)
Risyubil Apartments 10535built2014(1)
Risyubil Apartments 10435built2014(1)
Risyubil Apartments 10335built2014(1)
Risyubil Apartments 10235built2014(1)
Risyubil Apartments 10135built2014(1)
Science Town Apartments B34built2013
Gina Meteor Apartments 10134built2010(1)
Gina Meteor Apartments 10332built2010(1)
Smart City 50233built2008(1)
Kumgang Exllutower 10436built2012(1)
Kumgang Exllu Tower 11236built2012(1)
Kumgang Exllu Tower 10936built2012(1)
Kumgang Exllu Tower 10136built2012(1)
Capital Tower22built1999(1)
Daejeon City Hall21built1999(1)
The Fourth Government Complex Tower IV21built1994(1)
The Fourth Government Complex Tower III21built1994(1)
The Fourth Government Complex Tower II21built1994(1)
The Fourth Government Complex Tower I21built1994(1)
Donga Light-tel24built1998
KTP Building23built1994(1)
Dong-ah Building22built1992(1)
Seogu Hall Daejeon18built2001
Doonsan Apartment Building15built1994
Daejon Expo Apartment Building XIII17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building XII17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building XI17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building X17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building VIII17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building VII17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building VI17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building V17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building IX17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building IV17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building III17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building II17built1993(1)
Daejon Expo Apartment Building I17built1993(1)
Hanil Bank Building15built1995
Kyowon Gongje Hall20built2000
Korea Land Corp. Branch Office Building19cancelled
Jaeun Building19built2000
Dunsan Building19built1995
Jung-ang Investment Trust Building16built1994
Hanhwa Condominium16built1998