Formerly known as Taegu.

A city of southeast South Korea north-northwest of Pusan. It is an industrial and commercial center.

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Suseong SK Leader's View Tower B56built2010(3)
Suseong SK Leader's View Tower A56built2010(4)
Suseong We've The Zenith Complex54built2009(1)
Duryu Station Zeta City [Tower 9]49proposed
Duryu Station Zeta City [Tower 8]49proposed
Duryu Station Zeta City [Tower 7]49proposed
Duryu Station Zeta City [Tower 6]49proposed
Duryu Station Zeta City [Tower 5]49proposed
Duryu Station Zeta City [Tower 4]49proposed
Duryu Station Zeta City [Tower 3]49proposed
Duryu Station Zeta City [Tower 2]49proposed
Duryu Station Zeta City [Tower 1]49proposed
Worldmark Westend 10545built2010(1)
Worldmark Westend 10243built2010(1)
Worldmark Westend 10342built2010(1)
Mark Palace Beomeo36built2017(1)
Suseong SK Leader's View Tower G43built2010(1)
Suseong SK Leader's View Tower D43built2010(1)
Suseong SK Leader's View Tower C43built2010(1)
Worldmark Westend 10140built2010(1)
Centro Palace Tower 10243built2007(1)
Centro Palace Tower 10143built2007(1)
Worldmark Westend 10737built2010(1)
Beomeo U-sell High View Tower 242built2009
Beomeo U-sell High View Tower 142built2009
Suseong SK Leader's View Tower E40built2010(1)
Worldmark Westend 10433built2010(1)
Samsung Financial Plaza26built1997(1)
Suseong SK Leader's View Tower F40built2010(1)
Worldmark Westend 10633built2010(1)
Daegu Hyperion Tower A32built2007
Samjung Greenville31built2002
Centro Palace Tower 10333built2007(1)
Daegu Hyperion Tower D29built2007
Daegu Hyperion Tower C29built2007
Daegu Hyperion Tower B29built2007
Hyundai Fire & Marine Insurance Building23built1998(1)
Samsung Fire Insurance Daegu Headquarters21built2002(1)
Daewoo Center24built1993(2)
SK Hub Sky31built2006
Kolon Hanlche B32built2005
Kolon Hanlche A32built2005
Sinsung Miso City28built2006
Beomeo Hwasung Park Dream30built2007
Lotte Castle Grand 11030built2003
Lotte Castle Grand 10230built2003
Youngnam Daily News Building24built1993(1)
Daegu Bank Headquarters20built1979(1)
Centro Palace Tower 10726built2007
Centro Palace Tower 10626built2007
Centro Palace Tower 10526built2007
Centro Palace Tower 10426built2007
Samjung Green Core 10131built2007
Deoksan Building25built1996
International Officetel23built1985(1)
Kyesan Tower24built2001
Sung Ahn Officetel21built1992(1)
Samjung Green Core 10229built2007
Lotte Castle Grand 10925built2003
Lotte Castle Grand 10825built2003
Lotte Castle Grand 10725built2003
Lotte Castle Grand 10625built2003
Lotte Castle Grand 10525built2003
Lotte Castle Grand 10425built2003
Lotte Castle Grand 10325built2003
Eden's Club Prime23built2003
Daegu Sangrok Hall East Tower23built1997
Beomur Tower20built1992(1)
Solens-Hill 10227built2007
Solens-Hill 10127built2007
Lotte Castle Park 10621built2005
Lotte Castle Park 10520built2005
Lotte Castle Park 10220built2005
Lotte Castle Park 10120built2005
Centro Palace Officetel20built2007(1)
Lotte Castle Park 10819built2005
Lotte Castle Park 10918built2005
Lotte Castle Park 10318built2005
Lotte Castle Park 10716built2005
Lotte Castle Grand 10122built2003
Samwhan Nowvill B25built2007
Samwhan Nowvill A25built2007
Allianz Daegu Building20built2001
Samjung Green Core 10321built2007
KAMCO Daegu Building20built1997
Jinseok Tower20built1993
Daegu Tower Officetel17built2003
Daegu Migliorebuilt2001