Formerly known as Kwangju.

A city of southwest South Korea south-southeast of Seoul. It is an agricultural market and a commercial center.

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Universiade Hill State 10533built2016
Universiade Hill State 10433built2016
Kumho Insurance Office Building30built1996(4)
Jungheung S-Class Sky 3130built2014(1)
Universiade Hill State 10631built2016
Rouge Light Apartments 10431built2016(1)
Rouge Light Apartments 10331built2016(1)
Rouge Light Apartments 10231built2016(1)
Rouge Light Apartments 10131built2016(1)
Sangmu U-TOP U-BLESS Twin City37under construction(1)
Universiade Hill State 10329built2016
Universiade Hill State 10727built2016
Namyang-huton 20132built2013(1)
Central City Office Building26built2016(1)
Daewoo Theoville Officetel24built2006(1)
Gwangju Bank Headquarters22built1997(1)
Namyang-huton 20227built2013(1)
Samsung Fire Injury Insurance Office Building18built2009(1)
Comill Building17built1999(1)
Gwangju City Hall18built2004(1)
Gwangju Central Post Office Building16built2009(1)
Gwangju Government Office Building17built2008(1)
Hyundai Insurance Office Center17built2008(1)
Universiade Hill State 10822built2016
Dongyang Building22built2009(1)
Landpia Officetel17built2004(1)
Universiade Hill State 10221built2016
Universiade Hill State 10121built2016
Ramada Hotel Plaza17built2007(1)
Jeil Officetel20built1999(1)
Namyang-huton 20421built2011(1)
Kumho World Officetel15built1998(1)
Korea Housing Corporation Gwangju Center15built2007(1)
Samsung Insurance Gwangju Center13built1988(2)
Kyowon Gongje Hall13built1996(1)
Moo-Deung Building16built1990(1)
Korea Gas Corporation Building Gwangju14built2000
KT Plaza15built1998(1)
Nam-Young Business Center14built2009(1)
Korea Land Corporation Center13built2007(1)
KTF Gwangju Center12built1998