Formerly known as Ningpo.

A city of eastern China east-southeast of Hangzhou on Hangzhou Bay. Built on a site occupied since the eighth century, it was used as a trading post by the Portuguese from 1520 to 1545 and became a treaty port in 1842.

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Evergrande City Light 188proposed(2)
Ningbo Center Tower 180under construction(3)
Manhattan China Shipping Centerunder construction(2)
Global Shipping Plaza52built2015(1)
New World Plaza56under construction(1)
Bank of China Tower51built2016(1)
Greenland Center48under construction(1)
Ningbo International Trade Center42built2010(1)
Ningbo Guohua Financial Tower45built2020(1)
Bay City Tower 143proposed(1)
Evergrande City Light 240under construction(1)
Ningbo Fortune Center38built2014(1)
Lingjiang Mingting52built2004(1)
Nanyuan Mingzhu International Garden Hotel50built2006
Ningbo Marriott Hotel40built2007(1)
Global Center42built2010(1)
Zhongnongxin International Biz-Building36built1996
Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo34built(1)
Finance Mansion32built
Ningbo Portman Center Office Tower30built2007
Ningbo Portman Center Hotel30built2007
Ningbo Portman Center Apartment30built2007
Xinxing Hotel30built
Howard Johnson Hotel Ningbo28built2006
China Insurance Ningbo Branch Tower28built
Bank of China28built
International Building30built1995
CITIC Ningbo International Hotel29built
New Century Hotel Ningbo30built
Ningbo World Hotel28built
Zhenhai Hao Chen International Hotelbuilt
Nanyuan Hotel28built1999
Junyue Huayuan 924built
Junyue Huayuan 824built
Junyue Huayuan 724built
Junyue Huayuan 624built
Junyue Huayuan 524built
Junyue Huayuan 424built
Junyue Huayuan 324built
Junyue Huayuan 224built
Junyue Huayuan 1124built
Junyue Huayuan 1024built
Junyue Huayuan 124built
Ningbo Yunhai Hotel17built1991
Sheraton Ningbo Hotel32built2016
Ningbo Golden Port Hotel28built1998
Ningbo Wenchang Hotel26built1999
Ningbo Galaxy Building25built
Bank of Construction Building25built
Bank of Communication Building22built
Ningbo Kaizhou Hotel18built2003
Ningbo Haiguang Mansion18built
Ningbo East Port Hotel15built1994
Linksun International Business Plazaproposed