Formerly known as Tzekung.

Zigong, city in southern China, in Sichuan Province. Rich local deposits of salt brine and natural gas support a large and varied chemical industry; other manufactures include electricity, machinery, and fertilizers. The city was formed and named in 1939 with the merger of Gongjing, a great salt-producing center since the 7th century AD, and Tzeliutsing. It was reached by rail in 1958 and developed rapidly as an industrial center in the 1960s and 1970s.

Zigong is situated in the south of the province covering an area of 4,373 sq km with a population of 3,070,000.lt has 4 districts and 2counties under its jurisdiction. Zigong is a medium-sized industrial city with salt-making as the leading industry. lt's home to 1300-odd industrial enterprises and 44 scientific research institutes which empoly over 74,000 engineers and technical personnel. The city possesses well arranged networks of transportation and telecommunication and abounds in natural gas and nas adequate electricity supply.

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Taifeng Soho Times Square29built2004(1)
Xingda Garden Jinmao Building29built2004(1)
Yuanda-Air Garden27built2003
Dihao Plaza23built2002(1)
Huidong Hotel24built(1)
Zigong Broadcasting&Television Center18built1998(1)
CCB Zigong Branch Building22built1997
Huixin Mansion20built2002
Agriculture Bank Of China Zigong Branch To...15built
Nanan Plan30proposed
Huizhong Mansion30proposed
Natural Gas Company of Southern Schuan28built2008
Mansion of Petro China27proposed
Machishui Mansion27proposed
Zigong Exhibition Center26proposed
Zigong Bank of China25proposed
Agriculture Bank Of China Zigong Branch To...25proposed
Zigong No.1 People's Hospital Renji Hospital20built2008
Zigong China Telecom Mansion20proposed
Huatong Luqiao20proposed
Lusheng Estate Tower C19proposed
Lusheng Estate Tower B19proposed
Lusheng Estate Tower A19proposed
Huifu Building19built2002
Zigong Exposition Mansion18proposed
Hasti Center18built2003
Crossroad Plan Building18proposed
Zigong Youth Science and Technology Building17built1997
Xinwei Garden C17built2001
Xinwei Garden B17built2001
Xinwei Garden A17built2001
Southwest Sichuan Diggings Apartment A17built
New Century Holiday Plaza - Xiongfei Holid...17built2002
Huichuan Mansion17built2004
Zigong No.4 People's Hospital16built
Yuanda Tongxing Apartment16built1999
Southwest Sichuan Diggings Apartment C16built
Southwest Sichuan Diggings Apartment B16built
Xinhui Square15built
Tongxing Grand Hotel15built
Renhe Mansion15built
New Century Holiday Plaza Century Garden15built2002
Neiyi High Way Center15built2004
N-mart Times Square Tower A15built2007
Longfeng Garden E15built1994
Longfeng Garden D15built1994
Longfeng Garden C15built1994
Longfeng Garden B15built1994
Longfeng Garden A15built1994
Jiuding Mansion15built
Huazheng Mansion15built
He Fu Yuan Tower15built