Founded in 1788.

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The Distillery19built2004
370 Pitt Street17built1996
Altair Apartments22built2001
80 William Street18built1980
333 George Street18built2016
Centennial Plaza C17built1991
Oscar on Hollywood Tower 125built1995
Dowling Apartments21built1999
ESP Apartments20built2004
F&G House18built1975
St George Building Society17built1976
Hudson House17built1964
210 George Street17built1991
KPMG Headquarters16built2003
Country Centre16built1990
Carrington House16built1975
255 Elizabeth Street16built1994
Landmark Centre15built1991
George Patterson Banks15built2001
Corus Hotel15built1970
20 Hunter Street15built1990
Domain Apartments17built1975
Ikon Apartments23built2003
The Chelsea22built1982
The Berkeley Apartments22built1981
2 Bulletin Place17built1998
149 Liverpool Street15built1996
Trust Building12built1916(1)
Marcus Clark's Store10built1928(1)
Rabobank House20built1975
Grace Hotel12built1930(1)
Common Apartments23built2005
Longwood Tower22built1969
Westpoint Tower20built1996
Sheraton Wentworth Hotel16built1966
Thornton Place22built1969
Sugar Dock20built2010
The Quarry19built2004
Star City14built1997(1)
Radisson Plaza Hotel12built1928(2)
Sekisui House16built2015
Westpac Centre15built1977
Eastbourne Towers22built1970
Belgravia Gardens20built1975
ING House15built1990(1)
Centennial Plaza B15built1991
Menzies Hotel12built1936(1)
Swire House14built1975
Amatil Building14built1968
447 Kent Street20built1972(1)
City Mutual Life12built1936(1)
David Jones Department Storebuilt1924
Coryule Gardens - Westbourne Tower21built1977
Retford Hall20built1975
President Towers20built1971
Novotel Hotel Sydney Olympic Park20built2000
Ibis Hotel19built2000
Grand Mecure/Hotel Ibis Darling Harbour19built1997
Seapoint Tower18built1996
Saville 2 Bond Street18built1998
Pullman at Sydney Olympic Park18built2008
ESP Apartments18built2004
Gazebo Tower17built1968
130 Pitt Street17built1988
TNT Plaza Tower 115built1975
South Sydney Civic Centre15built1975
Elizabeth Towers15built
CityGrid Square14built2014
John Fairfax Building13built1957(1)
HCF Building13built1980
Charles Plaza13built1936(1)
Family Court of NSW12built1990
Windeyer Chambers13built1970
Top of the Town18built1976
McCaffreys Tower18built2002
Ace Insurance Building18built1972
376 Kent Street17built1973
The Quay B16built2014
The Quay A16built2014
Star City Apartments14built1997
Prime Minister Club14built1975
David Jones Department Store9built1938
74-80 Clarence Street15built1992
ADC House14built1967
234 Sussex Street13built1990
Sun Building12built1929
Commonwealth Banking Corporation12built1955
Challis Centre12built1938
162-166 Goulburn Street20built1995
Genoa Tower18built2004
Colebrook Apartments18built1964
183 Macquarie Street16built1965
Hyde Park Inn15built1973
333 George Street13built1970
171 Clarence Street13built1972
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