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San Juan

San Juan is the capital and largest city of Puerto Rico, and located in the Northern Central Plains region. The city consists of 7 wards.

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Hotel Condado Vanderbilt Torre I13built2011
PREPA NIWT Building11proposed
Regency Hotel12built
Jard de Montehiedra12built
Edificio Medina12built
Edificio Darlington12built
Condominio Windsor Towers12built
Condominio Venus Plaza D12built
Condominio Venus Plaza C12built
Condominio Union Norte12built
Condominio Torre Linda12built
Condominio Torre Alta12built
Condominio Paz Granela12built
Condominio Genaro Cortes12built
Condominio Floral Plaza12built
Condominio El Centro12built
Condominio Centrum Plaza12built
Wyndham Condado Plaza Hotel & Casino10built
Edificio American12built
Edificio Sun Life11built
La Ciudadela Phase III24under construction
Tiffany Plaza21cancelled
Hill Top Mansions19built
Condominio Sky Tower 319built
Condominio Las Gladiolas B19built
Condominio Las Gladiolas A19built
New Center Plaza17built
National Plaza Building17built
Edificio Union Plaza17built
Condominio Las Gladiolas 30117built
Condominio Las Gladiolas 30017built
Edificio El Caribe16built1970
Condominio Sky Tower 216built
Condominio Sky Tower 116built
Torre Chardón15built2001
Torre Banco Santander15built
Miramar Towers15built
Las Acasias Apartments15destroyed
Jard de Valencia15built
Edificio Puerto Rico Home Mortgage15built
Edificio Caso15built
Edificio Capital Center 215built
Condominio Venus Plaza15built
Condominio Teide15built
Condominio Parque de Loyola15built
Condominio Ocean Park Tower15built
Condominio Montecielo15built
Condominio Hato Rey15built
Condominio Granada15built
Edificio Capital Center 113built
Chrisantemos 212destroyed
Chrisantemos 112destroyed
Ramada San Juan Hotel10built
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