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D'Grafort Okinawa Tower25built2007
Zephyr Naha Tower19built
Okinawa Prefectural Government Building14built
Hotel Nikko Naha Grand Castle20built1973
Akebono Okisho Building10built
Okinawa Miyako Hotel15built
Nissay Naha Center Building14built
Yasuda Seimei Naha Building12built
Daido Kasai Building12built
Tsubogawa Municipal Housing Building 315built
Tsubogawa Municipal Housing Building 215built
Tsubogawa Municipal Housing Building 115built
Hotel Sun Okinawa15built
Toyoko Inn Asahibashi Station Front14built
Hotel Grand Ocean12built
Palette Kumoji9built
Kokuba Building13built(1)
Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation Headquarters12built
OTV Broadcasting Headquarters12built
Okinawa Prefectural Police Headquarters10built