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Hill Manor21destroyed(1)
Prudential Life Insurance North11destroyed
Public Service Corporation Building14destroyed
Hotel Essex House13destroyed
Ordway Building12destroyed
Prudential Life Insurance Main Building11destroyed
Prudential Life Insurance West11destroyed
Hayes Homes III13destroyed
Hayes Homes II13destroyed
Hayes Homes I13destroyed
Scheuer Building10destroyed
Stella Wright Homes VII13destroyed
Stella Wright Homes VI13destroyed
Stella Wright Homes V13destroyed
Stella Wright Homes IV13destroyed
Stella Wright Homes III13destroyed
Stella Wright Homes II13destroyed
Stella Wright Homes I13destroyed
Scudder Homes VIII13destroyed
Scudder Homes VII13destroyed
Scudder Homes V13destroyed
Scudder Homes IV13destroyed
Scudder Homes III13destroyed
Scudder Homes II13destroyed
Scudder Homes I13destroyed
Pabst Brewery10destroyed
Prudential Life Insurance Northwest10destroyed
DeBevoise Industrial Building10destroyed
Hayes Homes XI12destroyed
Hayes Homes X12destroyed
Hayes Homes VIII12destroyed
Hayes Homes VII12destroyed
Hayes Homes VI12destroyed
Hayes Homes V12destroyed
Hayes Homes IX12destroyed
Columbus Homes VIII12destroyed
Columbus Homes VII12destroyed
Columbus Homes VI12destroyed
Columbus Homes V12destroyed
Columbus Homes IV12destroyed
Columbus Homes III12destroyed
Columbus Homes II12destroyed
Columbus Homes I12destroyed
Hayes Homes IV13destroyed