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Kretchmer Elderly Homes II12built1961
Grace West Manor12built1979
Claremont Tower12built2002
Roseville Imperial Towers10built1938
Stephen Crane Elderly Homes II12built1963
Renaissance Towers11built1923
Woodward Hall10built1989
New Community Gardens Senior11built1981
Hilton Newark Gateway11built1970
Geraldine Giglio Foushee Towers11built1961
Branch Brook Park Manor11built
Stephen Crane Elderly Homes VIII10built1968
Stephen Crane Elderly Homes VI10built1968
Stephen Crane Elderly Homes IV10built1968
Stephen Crane Elderly Homes III10built1968
Newark Airport Marriott10built1985
New Community Manor10built
Holiday Inn Newark International Airport10built
Forest Hill House10built1977
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