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American Financial Exchange Tower52cancelled(1)
The Metropolitan67cancelled
1 Journal Square North Tower65cancelled
HarborSpire I55cancelled(1)
99 Hudson Street37cancelled
111 1st Streetcancelled
HarborSpire 250cancelled(1)
1 Journal Square South Tower45cancelled
Colgate Center III30cancelled
Harborside Plaza 438cancelled
The Excelsior41cancelled(1)
77 Hudson Street32cancelled(1)
Trump Plaza II50cancelled(1)
Millennium Towers II37cancelled
Millennium Towers I37cancelled
Columbus Towers I35cancelled
Columbus Towers 235cancelled
The Phoenix29cancelled(1)
The View I30cancelled
Journal Square Plaza 319cancelled(1)
Harborside Plaza 619cancelled
Washington First23cancelled
The Hudson17cancelled
The View III18cancelled
The View II14cancelled
Hamilton Square South12cancelled
Morgan Point10cancelled