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Erastus Corning Tower44built1966(3)
Alfred E. Smith State Office Building34built1930(2)
Agency Building 423built1973(2)
Agency Building 223built1973(2)
3 Empire State Plaza23built1973(2)
1 Empire State Plaza23built1973(2)
Stuyvesant Tower22built1965(1)
Mohawk Tower22built1971(1)
Livingston Tower22built1966(1)
Eastman Tower22built1968(1)
100 State Street11built1925(1)
Home Savings Bank Building21built1927(1)
One Commerce Plaza19built1971(1)
Central Towers Apartments23built1973(1)
69 State Street17built1927(1)
40 North Pearl Street16built1976(1)
New York State Capitol5built1899
90 State Street14built(1)
State Comptrollers Headquarters15built2001(1)
South Mall Towers Apartments19built1974(1)
677 Broadway12built2005(1)
Albany County Office Building13built1927(1)
41 State Street13built(1)
The State University of New York Plaza13built1918
Townsend Park Homes15built1977(1)
Omni Plaza14built1986
Verizon Building11built(1)
New York State Department of Environmental...13built2001(1)
Leo W. O'Brien Federal Building10built1974(1)
80 State Street13built1984
Central Warehouse and Storage12built1927(1)
3 Lincoln Square12built1964
20 Rensselaer Street12built1960
1 Lincoln Square12built1964
515 Broadway6built1998
State Street Tower Apartments13built