First mentioned in 1630.
«Brovary» means «brewers».

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Green Block IV26built2016(2)
Green Block III26built2014(3)
Green Block II26built2014(3)
Green Block I26built2014(3)
Forest Block II26built2015(1)
Forest Block I26built2015(1)
Forest Block 426built2017(1)
Forest Block 326built2017(1)
Kupava 421built2009(3)
Kupava 321built2009(2)
Olympic 421built2015(1)
Olympic 2 and 321built2017(1)
36b Symon Petliura St.21built2014(2)
36a Symon Petliura St.21built2014(2)
Kupava 120built2008(2)
74 Korolenko St.20built2008(2)
4-B Maria Lahunova St.19built2007(2)
20 Maria Lahunova St.18built2006(2)
7 Michael Hrushevsky St.19built2007(1)
8-B b. 1 Serge Moskalenko St.17built2009(3)
36 Symon Petliura St.17built2014(1)
28 Yaroslav the Wise St.17built2014(1)
27 Michael Hrushevskyi St.17built2012(1)
25 Michael Hrushevskyi St.17built2013(1)
23 Michael Hrushevskyi St.17built2014(1)
28a Yaroslav the Wise St.17built2012(2)
8-B b. 2 Serge Moskalenko St.16built2011(2)
70 Korolenko St.16built1995(2)
12 Shevchenko St.17built2008(1)
19 Independence Blvd.18built2003(1)
Savanna City: Zebra I17built2017(1)
Savanna City: Guepard I17built2017(1)
1-V Arcadio Holub St.17built2007(1)
17 Independence Blvd.12built2003(1)
8-B Olympic St.16built2007(1)
11 Michael Hrushevsky St.16built2005(1)
19-21 Michael Hrushevsky St.16built2008(1)
9 Independence Blvd.17built1998(1)
9 Michael Hrushevsky St.14built1994(1)
13 Michael Hrushevsky St.14built1994(1)
66b Korolenko St.14built2006(2)
66a Korolenko St.14built2006(2)
13 Independence Blvd.14built1998(1)
5 Independence Blvd.14built1986(1)
25-b Symon Petliura St.12built(1)
25 Symon Petliura St.12built(1)
90a Yaroslav the Wise St.13built2005(1)
60-b Korolenko St.12built(2)
60-a Korolenko St.12built(2)
19-a Independence Blvd.12built(2)
14G Independence Blvd.12built2006(1)
93 Sholem Aleichem St.11built2005(1)
14/1 Independence Blvd.11built2006(1)
96-98 Sholem Aleichem St.10built2011(1)
4b Taras Shevchenko St.10built2013(1)
44 Decembrists St.11built2002(1)
46 Decembrists St.11built2007(1)
4a Taras Shevchenko St.10built2006(1)
Plastics Plant Main Building9built1964(1)
Knitting Factory Main Building9built1964(1)