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First mentioned in 1630.
«Brovary» means «brewers».

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Listing 1 to 62 of 62 buildings
Green Block IV26built2016(2)
Green Block III26built2014(3)
Green Block II26built2014(3)
Green Block I26built2014(3)
Forest Block II26built2015(1)
Forest Block I26built2015(1)
Kupava 421built2009(3)
Kupava 321built2009(2)
Olympic 422built2015(1)
Olympic 2 and 322under construction(1)
36b Symon Petliura St.21built2014(2)
36a Symon Petliura St.21built2014(2)
Kupava 120built2008(2)
74 Korolenko St.20built2008(2)
4-B Maria Lahunova St.19built2007(2)
20 Maria Lahunova St.18built2006(2)
8-B b. 1 Marshal Krasovski St.20built2009(3)
7 Michael Hrushevsky St.19built2007(1)
36 Symon Petliura St.17built2014(1)
28 Yaroslav the Wise St.17built2014(1)
27 Michael Hrushevskyi St.17built2012(1)
25 Michael Hrushevskyi St.17built2013(1)
23 Michael Hrushevskyi St.17built2014(1)
28a Yaroslav the Wise St.17built2012(2)
8-B b. 2 Marshal Krasovski St.19built2011(2)
70 Korolenko St.16built1995(2)
12 Shevchenko St.17built2008(1)
19 Independence Blvd.18built2003(1)
1-V Postyshev St.17built2007(1)
17 Independence Blvd.12built2003(1)
8-B Olympic St.16built2007(1)
11 Michael Hrushevsky St.16built2005(1)
19-21 Michael Hrushevsky St.16built2008(1)
9 Michael Hrushevsky St.14built1994(1)
13 Michael Hrushevsky St.14built1994(1)
9 Independence Blvd.17built1998(1)
66b Korolenko St.14built2006(2)
66a Korolenko St.14built2006(2)
13 Independence Blvd.14built1998(1)
5 Independence Blvd.14built1986(1)
25-b Cherniakhovski St.12built(1)
25 Cherniakhovski St.12built(1)
90a Kirov St.13built2005(1)
60-b Korolenko St.12built(2)
60-a Korolenko St.12built(2)
19-a Independence Blvd.12built(2)
14G Independence Blvd.12built2006(1)
93 Sholem Aleichem St.11built2005(1)
14/1 Independence Blvd.11built2006(1)
96-98 Sholem Aleichem St.10built2011(1)
4b Taras Shevchenko St.10built2013(1)
44 Decembrists St.11built2002(1)
46 Decembrists St.11built2007(1)
4a Taras Shevchenko St.10built2006(1)
Plastics Plant Main Building9built1964(1)
Knitting Factory Main Building9built1964(1)