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Wiro Hochhaus27built
Rigaer Straße 1219built
Rigaer Straße 1119built
Henrik-Ibsen-Straße 119built
Gästehaus Brecht-Tower19built
Ahlbecker Straße 819built
Hotel Neptun19built1971(1)
Rigaer Strasse 1318built
Ziolkowskistraße 914built
Ziolkowskistraße 1214built
Ziolkowskistraße 1113built
Ziolkowskistraße 1013built
Warnowallee 6-1013built
Rasmus Hochhaus13built1977
Bertolt-Brecht-Straße 17-2113built
Lange Straße 112built
Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales12built
Warnowallee 2412built
Warnowallee 21-2212built
Warnowallee 19-2012built
Helsinkier Straße 90-9212built
Helsinkier Straße 87-8912built
Helsinkier Straße 83-8512built
Ahlbecker Straße 1-312built
Vögenteich 16-1812built
Ahlbecker Str. 4-612built