Washington, founded in 1791, was laid out as the administrative center of the then young United States. It's early years of growth were rather slow, being called a "city of streets without buildings." When the British maliciously ravaged the city in 1814, it gave it's residents a renewed calling-to build a truly great city from the ashes.

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1426 K Street16destroyed
Munsey Trust Building13destroyed(1)
Raleigh Hotel12destroyed
World Bank Headquarters F13destroyed
1000 Connecticut Avenue13destroyed
World Bank Headquarters E13destroyed
Commerce Building13destroyed
World Bank Headquarters C12destroyed
World Bank Headquarters B12destroyed
Robert V. Fleming Building12destroyed
World Bank Headquarters A14destroyed
1819 Pennsylvania Avenue12destroyed
1815 Pennsylvania Avenue12destroyed
1100 15th Street12destroyed
World Bank Headquarters D12destroyed
Powhatan Hotel11destroyed
Fox Theatre13destroyed
1430 K Street13destroyed
Charles C. Glover Building12destroyed
Wyatt Building13destroyed
Doctor's Hospital11destroyed
McReynolds Building11destroyed
Chandler Building11destroyed
Ebbitt Hotel11destroyed
Thompson Publishing Group Building13destroyed
Capitol View Plaza II13destroyed
1730 K Street12destroyed
Premier Building11destroyed
Cafritz Building11destroyed
LaSalle Building10destroyed
Lafayette Hotel10destroyed
1742 G Street NW11destroyed
Bowen Building10destroyed
1408 G Street10destroyed
801 17th Street12destroyed
806 Connecticut12destroyed
Sheraton Building12destroyed
New Huston Hotel11destroyed
Capital Garage & Office Building10destroyed
Interstate Commerce Commission Building11destroyed
Hotel Claridge11destroyed
Hotel Annapolis11destroyed
Thomas Edison Building10destroyed
H.L. Rust Building10destroyed
Federal Triangle Building10destroyed
Vermont Office Building11destroyed
2025 Eye Street11destroyed
Transportation Building10destroyed
1239 G Street10destroyed
Columbia Medical Building Annex11destroyed
Columbia Medical Building10destroyed
Ambassador Hotel12destroyed
1226 Eye Street NW11destroyed
Arlington Building10destroyed
Marquette Apartments11destroyed