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Washington, founded in 1791, was laid out as the administrative center of the then young United States. It's early years of growth were rather slow, being called a "city of streets without buildings." When the British maliciously ravaged the city in 1814, it gave it's residents a renewed calling-to build a truly great city from the ashes.

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Latrobe Apartments10built1980
Kenmore Apartments10built1950
Judiciary House10built1966
James Apartments10built1960
Howard Plaza Towers West10built1989
Howard Plaza Towers East10built1989
Hotel Rouge10built1967
Hotel Palomar10built1967
Holiday Inn on the Hill10built1969
Holiday Inn Central -- White House10built1967
Harvard Towers10built1961
Hamilton House Apartments10built1965
Garfield House10built
Fort Lincoln Senior Citizens' Village IV10built
Fort Lincoln Senior Citizens' Village I10built
Florida Rock East10proposed
Ellicott House10built1972
Edgewood Terrace Apartments III10built
Dupont West Condominiums10built
Doubletree Guest Suites Washington10built1974
Corcoran House10built
Concordia Apartments10built
Claridge Towers10built1967
Channel Square Apartments10built1962
Campbell Heights10built1978
Brookings Institution10built1959(1)
Bristol House10built
Benson Hall10built1977
Apolline Condominiums10built
905 Sixth Street SW10built1970
4740 Connecticut Avenue NW10built1957
2800 Wisconsin Avenue NW10built
2501 Porter Street NW10built
20 M Street SE10built2007
1441 Rhode Island Avenue NW10built2004
The White House4built1800(1)
United States Capitol3built1863(5)
The National Museum of Natural History3built1911
National Portrait Gallery3built1836(1)
The Supreme Courtbuilt1935(1)
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